Aluminum alloy ingot hot pressing common way

[China Aluminum Industry Network] There are three methods for hot-pressing aluminum alloy ingots. They are: single-stand hot rolling, double-stand hot rolling, and half-continuous hot rolling. The following is a brief introduction to these three methods.

(1) Single-stand hot rolling. From the beginning of the billet to the end of the hot rolling, all was completed on a hot rolling mill. Large ingots are used to increase production output, and reversible rolling mills are used. To increase the board width and improve the board shape, a four-high mill was used. In single-stand hot rolling, the temperature drop of the rolling piece is large, the final rolling thickness is large (6 to 8 mm), the roll weight is relatively light, and the rolling piece quality and production power are not enough ambitions.

(2) Double rack hot rolling. A reversible rolling mill performs ingot debossing and hot roughing, and is transferred to a second four-high reversing mill for hot finish rolling. Because of the division of work between rough and finish rolling, not only the production capacity and output power have been improved, but also the quality of rolled products has improved. Final thickness up to 2mm.

(3) Semi-continuous hot rolling. One or two reversing mills are used for billet and hot roughing. The rolling stock is then transferred to a three- to six-stand four-high tandem mill and hot-rolled with only one pass per rack. Because large-scale high-speed rolling is used, not only the scale of production is large, but the rolling gap time is short. Therefore, the final rolling temperature is high, and the rolling can be performed in a strip corresponding to the annealing condition, and the quality is also significantly improved.

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