H.264 IP Camera Decoding

As the current Blu-ray format, unified, the vast majority of the market are high-definition video encoded using H.264 ip camera format, it is divided into four main steps, namely, stream processing, inverse transform, motion compensation, to the side block filter, this four-step resource consumption is the main four parts. H.264 decoding in the first four steps of "CAVLC / CABAC decoding" is the most consumption of computing resources, this area is much higher than the other three steps (Simply put, CAVLC / CABAC H.264 encoding specification is two different algorithms are designed to improve the compression ratio, which CABAC than CAVLC compression rate is higher, but naturally also requires higher decoding).
If all four steps all processors using pure software decoding algorithms, when run into HDDVD version of the high bit-rate H.264 video, processor load will be very great, even if smooth playback of HD video, also because of the pressure off the processor heavy impact on other applications open simultaneously the efficiency. If we allow processors to decode "CAVLC / CABAC decoding" and "reverse transformation (Inverse Transformation)" in two parts, the core commitment by the show "motion compensation" and "decoding to block" function, you can reduce the processor to some extent the pressure. But for low-end single-core processor or dual-core processor users, this is still not very good to deal with these videos; Second, a higher hit rate video coding, the processor will still cause a great deal difficult, leading to uncertainty of video playback, consumers may encounter some of the video can play smoothly, but some of the video has dropped frames.
Through the above two points can be seen from the graphics core to bear the full H.264 video decoding and processing, decoding operation can basically not allowed to rely on the processor will be the most economical and convenient way. If you can achieve this, after the consumer do not need to worry too much about how the performance of their processors, different video coding rate gap caused by the load is too large and so on, simply select one to support "H.264 full decode" display core, will be able to play all the relentless high-definition video, and HD acceleration engine uses the Intel GMA X4500HD chipset is able to easily decode full HD H.264 format video, coupled with advanced de-interlacing technology, film mode detection, detail enhancement technology, ProcAMP technology and the latest display technology is able to connect from the image quality, color saturation and high-definition interface, etc. to enhance the user's high-definition experience.