Cylinder head simple inner chamber cleaning machine

The cylinder head is one of the complicated components on the internal combustion engine. The internal cooling water chamber is the passage for the cylinder head to circulate the cooling water, and the structure is complicated. In the casting process of the cylinder head, the inner cavity is in the

How to calculate the dilution factor of pesticide

How to calculate the dilution factor of pesticides? Generally speaking, according to the volume, it is assumed that there is 1 liter of pesticide, 1 liter of water is diluted by 1 time, and so on. If the concentration (C) and density (P) of the substance before and after dilut

China's fastener mold industry itself's develop…

The improvement of the development of the mold industry itself has led to the improvement of the technology of fastener molds. Fastener molds are an important part of industrial products, so the quality of fastener molds is very strict. With the improvement of technology, the need for fastener mold

Learn Fire Experience Fire

When the fire siren sounded, we knew that someone was in danger. It was them that they were quickly and fully armed. In the first time, they rushed into the front line to save people. They were the uncles of the firefighters who gave us respect. On the afternoon of March 27th, more than 150 small r

Six people were killed in the collapse of a high-grade …

On March 29th, Jincheng Mining Company of Jinjiang Town, Shanggao County, Jiangxi Province experienced large-scale landslides during the operation of hazardous materials, and there were 7 on-site operations personnel. At 20 o'clock on the 30th, six people were killed and one was still missing.

3 steps to wash your face correctly

Recently, dermatology clinics have discovered that organic vehicle owners wear masks to protect against wind and cold. However, long-term use of airtight masks allows the respiratory and respiratory droplets to form a hot, humid environment around the mouth, causing dust in the environment. Bacteri