Japanese fine chemical companies compete for Nuggets China

Following the footsteps of large companies in Europe and the United States, some medium-sized fine chemical companies in Japan have recently entered the Chinese market, using their technological advantages to establish subsidiaries in China, produce organic and inorganic chemical products, and develop high-quality and high-performance product markets.

Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. recently established the first joint venture company in China to produce yellow phosphorus and high-purity barium salt products for ceramics used in the electronics industry, and plans to open up other organic chemicals and electronic materials markets; Kiwa plans to set up a factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to produce and sell metal surface treatment products; Carlit Corporation of Japan established the first overseas sales department in Shanghai in October last year to distribute electronic materials and industrial products. Japanese rubber chemicals company Yamaguchi Chemical Company established a subsidiary in Shanghai in November last year to develop its OEM business.