Welded H Beams From China Manufacturer

Type of Steel For Building Structure: H-Section Steel
Carbon Structural Steel: Q235
Application: Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Structural Roofing, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge
Transport Package: Depends on Customer
Specification: by your own design
Origin: Zhejiang, China

Part 1. Product description:
Light steel structure building is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel
framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety
of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Light steel structure building is widely used
in warehouses, workshops, large factories, and so on.

Part 2. Product process:
Welded H Beams From China Manufacturer

Part 3. Production advantages:
1. Custom supported,if you have your own idea,pls provide your design drawing.
2. Light weight,easy to move

3. Quality certification ISO: 9001,materials can be recycled used, environmentally
4. Cost considering: Time saved, cost saved,no construction waste,due to we have the professial technical team to help you design.
5. Used widely, used as factory, warehouse, office building, bridge,stadiums,steel plaform etc;
6. Structural durabilities, easy maintenance.

Part 4. Technical Advantages:
1. For small project,we can design for you,For big project,we also can provide you design from professional organization to fabricate and install this steel structure workshop according to your requirement.
2. It's very easy to install the steel structure house or workshop according to our installation drawings. Also, we will supply  technical support during installation and after-sale service.
3. Accessories provided,we offer not only steel structure but also sandwich panels and all the accessories,if you need.
4.  easy installation, stable steel structure, earthquake proofing,fire proofing and environment protection.

Part 5. Our factory:
• Shaoxing Sunshine Steel Structure Co. Ltd lies at 20 kilometers east side of Shaoxing. a city famous for its long history
and Culture The company, located in Jingkou Industrial Zone by the side of NO.104 national road, is a professional enterprise
with grade II certificate on contracting steel structure construction. By the time it has 120 staff members, of which 23 per cent
are technical and managerial workers .The company covers an area of 13,000 square kilometers and the workshop occupies
13,000 square kilometers. The company is mainly engaged in constructing steel structure workshops, stadiums, large markets,
residence buildings, office buildings, bridges and decorative steel structure engineering. It also undertakes the processing and
manufacturing of chemical steel structure and power factories.

Welded H Beams From China Manufacturer

Part 6. Packing&shipment:
Welded H Beams From China Manufacturer

Part 7. FAQ
1.What's your delivery time? 
Salesman will confirm the time for you, large order should communicate in advance. Normally, delivery time is 30-45days after receive deposit. 
2.How to control the quality of your product?
a. quality of the design: think about possible problems in advance and provide a high quality design solution.
b. quality of the raw material: choose the qualified raw material
c. quality of the production: precise manufacturing technique, experienced workers, strict quality inspection.
3. How to deal with quality problems?
Within the warranty period, we will responsible for all quality problems caused by production.
4. If there is a clear service life of your products? 
Under conventional climate and environment, steel structure whole building about 10 years.
5. How can the products adopt to different climates?
Cold region: increase the thickness of the wall, or use good insulation material, improve anti-pressure ability of the structure.
Strong wind region:   improve the wind-resisting ability of the internal structure.
Earthquake: use high strength material, improve anti-earthquake ability of the structure.
High corrosion region: use corrosion resistant material, or paint anticorrosive coating.

Part 8. About Inquiry
Looking forward to cooperate with you,if you want to inqury,pls provide the below detail:
Type of building  
Construction Site  
Dimension wideth,length,height size
Roofing and Walls any material or color requirement
wind load,snow load,earthquake if you have,it's better.
Company Name  
contact name  
contact number  
e-mail If you have your own drawing,pls send us email for reference.
other remark For material or other
Further, any other steel structure frame part,we also can do it,and Processing is ok.
Give us a cooperation,return you a surprise!

  We put emphasis on Good Quality,Good price.
  Welcome inquiry!

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