Hardware companies keen on network marketing: focus on publicity, sales

We know that network marketing is a new type of marketing method. During the financial crisis, many companies were able to get out of the predicament and survive the crisis. More and more companies are valued and applied. However, in the survey, the author found that in the hardware industry, most companies still rely on traditional marketing methods. Internet marketing is used as a means of supporting corporate publicity, focusing on publicity and sales.

The author once represented a large number of websites in the full report of the 18th China International Hardware Fair. In the report, the author interviewed a large number of exhibitors, including: Xidi Tools, Deep Pig Abrasives, JJ Tools, Heming Hardware tools, gold anchor group, etc. According to the person in charge of these companies, the companies where he or she is involved are involved in online marketing. Although network marketing is a new type of marketing method that is popular with everyone, in the hardware industry, traditional marketing methods are mainly used. However, it only uses internet marketing as a means of publicity and promotion.

Dongguan Anang Hardware & Electrical Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sales of brand bearings of various countries around the world, founded in 1999. The company has a professional sales customer service team, and a professional network marketing team, and registered members in a large number of sites, established a shop. Because it is more active in a large number of websites, often publishing pictures and information, etc., making the company's shops rank higher than other shops. For this reason, the author interviewed Mr. Li Tingzheng, the company’s sales representative.

According to Mr. Li’s introduction, the bearing products of Anang Hardware & Electromechanical Co., Ltd. are full of brands and are of good quality and moderate price. Because network marketing has advantages such as convenience, speed, and low cost, companies are making a lot of profits in the process of online marketing, making the company's sales performance has been continuously increasing. However, Mr. Li believes that although network marketing is an important marketing model of the company, the company is still unable to separate from traditional marketing, and customers will eventually go from the network to the reality to conduct transactions. Therefore, the network is a propaganda and communication function for enterprises.

In addition, the author also interviewed the sales staff of Zhejiang Fuyu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. According to the company’s sales staff, the biggest feature of their products is the complete product variety, specifications, etc., as well as quality assurance, any quality problems can be retired . When I asked about the topic of network marketing, the salesman stated that the network was not the company's main sales channel, but it was just taking it as a means to promote corporate image and products.

It was learned from the above interview that in China's hardware industry, the popularity of online marketing is relatively weak compared to other industries such as clothing and electronics. This may be due to the low barriers to entry in China's hardware industry. Qi, resulting in a weak sense of network marketing, may also be due to the special attributes of hardware products and hardware market. But overall, with the rapid development of the Internet economy such as e-commerce and online shopping, the hardware entrepreneurs' awareness of online marketing is constantly improving, and with the diversification of online marketing methods and methods, the original single network marketing model is also It will gradually enter the era of integration.