Hardware "golden season" marketing: why promotions are not in place

Festival marketing has always been one of the effective means for the service industry to open up market brands and expand sales. For the hardware tool industry, due to the special attributes of hardware products, it is determined that companies do not follow the mid-autumn festival, National Day and other major festivals to promote sales. At the same time, the busy season for the development of the hardware tool industry does not follow the festive changes, but changes according to the market demand for various types of products. Therefore, the hardware tool industry is not completely unified and has a fixed off season and high season. After the end of another National Day holiday, all industries have taken stock of holiday promotions. We discussed the hardware tools industry's off-season and peak season marketing strategies.

Some hardware companies will fall into a “gentle trap” in sales promotion during the peak season. What are the reasons for the promotion of “peak sowing and harvesting of flea” in the peak season? The author thinks that sales promotion is not In place, it stems from the following aspects:

1. Dealers cut off promotional expenses

Some short-sighted hardware dealers have decided that the removal of promotional expenses often occurs. In the eyes of dealers, promotion is a matter for manufacturers, and it should be the responsibility of the manufacturer, and it has nothing to do with them. As a result, promotions have become more profitable for distributors than for sales.

2. Cognitive deviations of salespersons from promotions

Business workers' cognitive biases in promotions often result in behavioral errors. Sales staff generally believe that: promotion is to reduce prices; promotion is only to promote product sales, the best all products are engaged in promotions, resulting in a variety of promotional tools, but can not achieve the original intention of sales.

3. Changing market environment

The change of the marketing environment brings certain difficulties to the promotion decision, which often leads to great deviations from the expected results of the promotion.

4. Poor execution

Poor execution is one of the most important reasons why sales are not in place. There are creative promotion plans. If the execution is poor, the expected goal of promotion cannot be achieved.

5. Lack of follow-up support for promotions

In many cases, the promotion of the hardware manufacturers is just for the purpose of matching the receipts. After the inventory is transferred to the distributors, there is a lack of follow-up control on the promotion of the second batch and the terminal. The general performance is:

(1) Generally speaking, it is mostly for the promotion of channels, and there is less promotion for consumers.

(2) Before and after the promotional activities, "faults", without results.

(3) Lack of support for advertising, price, and other competitive advantages.

6. The promotion rhythm cannot be grasped

In the peak season promotion, most of the hardware manufacturers often make mistakes are not allowed to grasp the promotion rhythm, the direct result is the promotion of "imbalance", the following situations will occur:

(1) The promotion time is too long, so that the channel members think that the product may be reduced prices or eliminated products, so the product is not valued, resulting in weak sales.

(2) Short promotional time, insufficient publicity, and insufficient awareness of products by consumers and channel members, resulting in invalid promotions.