Tatami curtain function how to install tatami curtain

In today's people's homes, many people have chosen a tatami decoration, and tatami curtains are indispensable. So what is the role of tatami curtains? There are many types of curtains, and tatami curtains are relatively trendy curtains. The role has greatly improved people's confidentiality. Then how to install the curtains? The following Xiao Bian gave you an introduction about the role of tatami curtains and how to install.

The role of tatami curtains

Tatami curtains are no different from normal curtains, but also to keep the interior secret and isolated from the outside world. At the same time, it is an indispensable decoration for home improvement. In winter, curtains separate the interior and exterior into two worlds, adding warmth to the house. Modern curtains can not only reduce light and shading, so as to adapt to people's needs for different intensity of light, but also to prevent fire, wind, dust, warm, silence, heat insulation, radiation protection, and ultraviolet rays, and improve the climate and environment of the living room. Therefore, the ingenious combination of decorativeness and practicality is the biggest feature of modern curtains.

How to install tatami curtain

Tatami curtains are generally fixed code, which is what we call the square box. The four-corner box has two holes on each side, that is, holes that can be fixed. These 9 positions are fixed according to different holes that are practically used in different situations. It is clear that the top of the figure is fixed. That is, 1 and 2 holes. First find the appropriate installation box (quad box).

In the location to be installed, find the corresponding hole in the hole in the wall. Normally, two four-corner boxes are installed. First, install one of the left and right mounting boxes, and then determine the installation position of the other four-corner box according to the size of the customized curtain. It will usually be about 1cm larger than a custom curtain track, which will help with installation.

If some home curtains are relatively large, we must consider how strong the installation will be. The four corner boxes on both sides will have loose locks and a bracket in the middle. This bracket can be used when the curtain is over 1.5 meters in size. When installing it, it should be noted that it cannot be installed in the middle of the curtain. It is slightly to the left or to the right. There will be a ladder rope in the middle of the curtain. Block it, and keep it on the same line as the inner edges of the box on both sides.

After the three installation codes are installed, the basic curtains are installed in the same way. The curtains are dragged onto the track to be picked up, placed in the square box of the installation, and the buckles of the four-corner boxes are stuck. The final work is completed. Now. The snaps on both sides are jammed and OK, a set of curtains is installed.

These are the role of tatami curtain of small series to introduce, tatami curtains how to install. If you want to install their own curtains, the above description can help you, if you want to learn about other relevant information, please continue to focus on this website, more exciting Stay tuned!

Tatami tatami curtain

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