Analysis: The working principle of the stone engraving machine

At present, stone engraving machines have been slowly integrated into the stone carving industry. It is convenient, efficient and efficient. It is an indispensable machine processing method for stone carving enterprises. Here's what is the principle of the stone carving machine? He said if it works?

Ninety percent of the stone engraving machines on the market today use Raytheon drives. Let me briefly understand how the driver is wired and how it works. A stepper motor is an open-loop control element that converts an electrical pulse into an angular position. Under normal circumstances, the stop position of the motor depends on the frequency of the pulse signal and the number of pulses. The stepper driver is a controller used to control the operation of the stepper motor.

From another angle, the motor is given a pulse signal, and the motor rotates through a step angle. The driver is to subdivide this step angle, for example, to give the motor a pulse, the motor rotates 1.8 degrees, if the driver is adjusted to 2 subdivision, so that the stone motor will pulse, the motor will rotate 0.9 degrees. This means that the minimum unit of motor rotation is smaller.

The specific meaning of each pin of the stone engraving drive:

Pin signal connection

1 GND Ground wire of switching power supply

2 +V switching power supply 75V

3 A+ motor A+

4 A- Motor A-

5 B+ motor B+

6 B- Motor B-

Pin signal connection

1 P+ pulse control signal

2 P-

3 D+ direction control signal

4 D-

5 E+ dangling

Connection of P2 port:

PUL electrical pulse signal. Controls the stepper motor rotation, stop, speed, and stop bit high to reverse the DIR direction signal. Control the direction of rotation of the stepper motor. Low level forward. The ENA enable signal with the drive energized. When it is high. The motor is not charged and can be rotated by hand. It is generally used for maintenance and collision avoidance.  

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