How to tell the authenticity of Huanghuali furniture?

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With the gradual scarcity of huanghuali materials, the economic value and collection value of Huanghuali furniture are also increasing day by day. Nowadays, the price of Hainan huanghuali raw materials is generally more than three times that of other origin huanghua pears. But no matter what kind of huanghuali furniture is produced, it is a treasure in the eyes of investors and collectors. However, there are some very irregular manufacturers on the market who will pretend to be huanghuali with other hardwoods. Therefore, for general investment and collectors, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of materials is particularly important. Below we will distinguish this from several aspects.

Look at the material

Huanghuali wood has a hard texture, clear and beautiful texture, excellent visual sense, wheat ears, crab claws, texture or hidden or vivid, vivid and changeable.

2. Look at the "grimace"

"Grimace" is caused by the crusting of the huanghuali tree during its growth, but its knot is different from that of the ordinary tree, and there is no rule, so people call it "grimace", but it cannot be said that it is yellow pear wood. "ghost".

3. No nails

There should be no nails on the furniture of Huanghuali. Because of the precious materials of huanghuali, the production of the finest huanghuali furniture needs to be carved like a jade carving. The pure raft structure must not have nails. A talented person with a deep knowledge of production can complete it. For example, in the production of a well-known hardwood furniture company, the old artists who have several generations of court manufacturing techniques do their own hands or guide others to make them by hand. One of the finest Hainan huanghuali furniture often takes several months. Time can be completed.

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