Chemical pump use a brief analysis of precautions

Chemical pumps are widely used in various fields of the chemical industry. At present, the chemical pumps produced by domestic manufacturers include: IH stainless steel chemical pump, IHF fluorine plastic chemical pump, FSB fluorine plastic chemical pump, CQB chemical magnetic pump, CQ chemical magnetic force Pump, FZB chemical self-priming pump. These chemical pumps are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, foil and other industries, have important uses. The operator should remember that protecting the chemical pump and its equipment is their responsibility. The various factors that affect the operation of the pump should always be checked and the life of the pump can be significantly reduced due to operator carelessness. 1. In order for the pump to operate normally and extend its service life, routine inspection and maintenance should be done to make it a system. The emergence of failure will have an impact on the production, so the daily inspection is indispensable, must not be ignored. 2. Something went wrong during pump operation and it looks like the equipment still seems to be running. In most cases, however, there has been a warning of an accident, and early detection of anomalous precursors is an important factor in preventing an accident. To detect anomalies early, we need to know the normal operation of the situation, and inspection, maintenance and so detailed records, in addition to the basic information on the inspection failure is indispensable, but also contribute to routine maintenance and early detection of anomalies . 3. In recent years, pump operating environment has greatly improved, but there are still a considerable number of pumps are operating in poor conditions, both good and bad operating environment should be frequently rubbed to improve the environment and keep the pump and its Auxiliary equipment cleaning, especially in the poor operating environment pump should pay attention. 4. Pump in normal operation, even if the degree of automation does not require monitoring of the pump, at least once or twice each class to be checked, as mentioned earlier this is one of the important work of early detection of anomalies, in addition, according to Need to do regular roving inspection. The contents of routine inspection table, for some pump according to the manual appropriate trade-offs. 5. In the daily inspection, in addition to fully operational control, test instruments, but also to play the role of subjective and active physicians, like the doctor's diagnosis, "look, smell, ask, cut" that check the pump anomalies. "Look" is to look at each instrument to indicate the pressure, flow, temperature, current, voltage is normal, whether the deformation of the pump parts, discoloration, sample change and leakage, with or without blockage; "smell" is to use Smell, smell abnormal odor, liquid hydrocarbons, gasoline, benzene and other leaks smells, equipment paint, rubber insulation, such as baking scorching paste flavor; "ask" is to listen to hear the sound of the rotating part, with or without Abnormal sound, such as water hammer sound, friction noise, percussion sound, vortex sound, broken sound, etc .; "cut" is touch, touch with or without overheating, vibration and so on. Only in this way can operators play a role. With the help of various test instruments and instruments, the daily inspection can be done well and anomalies can be detected early enough to take preventive measures.

Door contact through the magnetic state of real-time monitoring of Windows and doors opening and closing door, and feedback to the mobile terminal or other device,

By human activities in the human body infrared detector real-time detection area and the degree of care, there are human activities will push message to the mobile terminal, the light can be according to the set value, the linkage to other equipment

Smoke sensor real-time monitor display area of carbon monoxide concentration, smoke concentration, when the higher concentration will be pushed to a mobile phone,

Temperature and humidity monitoring display area, more than comfort will push to mobile phones

Include following deviece:
1,Wireless Door contact
2,infrared detector and light sensors
3,Carbon monoxide detectors co
4,Temperture sensor
5,door contact
6,GAS Detector
7,combustible gas detector
8,water detector
9,SOS Button
10,Remote controler
11,Wifi Video Door Phone


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