Interpretation: January 2017 China's raw material big data

China board trading network news:

The tide of price increases in 2016 swept through the entire wood raw material market. Then what changes have taken place in the raw material market in various regions in January 2017? Followed by Xiao Bian to interpret the raw material big data of China in February 2017.

I. Hebei Dacheng area

Hebei Dacheng area is the main market for northern hardwoods, and is the main area for northern mahogany and hardwood trades. Popular species include red pears and minibus flowers, which will be mainly affected by rising market prices and strong customer demand.


Red pears originating in Congo - 4300-4500 yuan / cubic meter;

Red pears from Equatorial Guinea originating from 3250-3450 yuan/m3;

Made in Angola's minibus - 5200-5500 yuan / ton;

Zambia's minibus origin - 6000-6250 yuan / ton.

Second, Dongyang area

Many logs in Dongyang market, especially African timber logs, were affected by the rise in the overall market and the implementation of endangered protection measures. As a result, prices have risen rapidly. Many businesses have begun to choose other wood species as substitutes. Currently, small zebra logs, safflower pears, and West Africa are Pear and minibus flowers have become popular varieties.


Hedgehog rosewood / Asian pear - 5800-7500 yuan / ton;

Angola minibus - 5200-5500 yuan / ton;

Red pears from the origin of the red - 3000-3400 yuan / square;

The red pears of Congo origin are about 3800-4200 yuan/square.

Third, the Shanghai area

The market conditions of Shanghai and the United States and the United States have maintained a stable trend, and the overall trend is also showing an upward trend. The mahogany market is flat and has a small change.


Shanghai wood market wax 5 cm board - 4500-7000 yuan / party;

Red oak FAS grade sheet - 6000-7000 yuan / square;

Hedgehog rosewood on the Shanghai Furen market - 5500-7500 yuan / ton;

Made in Laos Barry Dalbergia - 21000-35000 yuan / ton;

Broad-leaved Dalbergia - 10,000-13,000 yuan / ton.

Fourth, the Guangdong region

Guangdong is one of the main battlefields of South America. In January, the log market in South America in Guangdong maintained its year-earlier levels. The market is not volatile and is expected to be affected by exchange rate fluctuations in the future. In addition, the current minibus market in Guangdong, Shen Guibao, Blood Tan, The Aegyo and others are concerned about the price, and the prices are relatively high.


West Africa Hemu - 5800-6500 yuan / ton;

Made in Colombia's change of beans - 4,000 yuan / ton;

Wide variation of beans in the origin of Panama - 4300-4500 yuan / ton;

Iron wire - 2200-2300 yuan / cubic meter;

Woeisumu - 2700-2800 yuan / cubic meter;

Angola minibus - 5200-5500 yuan / ton;

Blood Tan of Zambia origin - 18,000-23,000 yuan / ton.

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