How to decorate the studio? Studio decoration design

Nowadays, many photographers have begun to get involved in studio photography, but they have no experience. Many people seem to be at a loss when designing such as lighting, so how to decorate the studio? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the studio decoration design plan for your reference.


How to decorate the studio?

The studio can be very simple decoration, mainly the choice of wall color, a variety of backgrounds, and the choice of wall paint can not choose to be too reflective, and the color to be diversified, you can make the decoration according to your requirements The company or you go to the market to buy, there are not too many other requirements. In the past, our company also received the decoration of the studio. The owner's request is very simple. It is just ordinary renovation and decoration. Then only the color of the wall is treated. Basically, after understanding the owner's needs, the decoration company will have selective procurement. .

In order to fully reflect the taste and personality of each studio, soft decoration is especially worthy of attention. Through the designer's overall furnishings design, furniture, curtains, fabrics and all kinds of accessories are reasonably planned into the photographic space, which echoes the hard decoration. The perfect match between the products, and finally achieve the overall effect of harmony and unity. Soft decorations can also be changed in time according to the times, seasons, etc. 'Do not like to change' is the biggest feature of soft decoration.

A set of minimalist studios, elegant wallpapers and creamy porcelain floors provide great convenience for the later soft decoration. In the choice of furniture, gorgeous red or calm dark gray can reflect a different style. The small floral fabric sofa is more like the favorite of the romantic girl in the pastoral style; the simple frameless decorative painting reflects the simple design of the home, while the fabric pillow with bright color and cute shape makes the lively photo of the guest temperament vividly. .


Studio decoration design:

1. Color in the shed: When determining the color in the studio, avoid using all the rich colors, glare colors, cold colors (cyan, etc.). Try to use a lighter warm color, which will give the customer a good impression, and there will be no color reflection on the shooting.

2. Background: When the wall and foundation of the background are plywood, when the base of the finishing or wall covering, plaster and plasterboard is used, the pin and the pin cannot be used, so it is inconvenient to install the props for photography.

3, wall decoration: In order to prevent the light from diffuse reflection, the wall surface should be decorated with a finishing touch. Fluorescent coatings also make the color greener, so they cannot be used.

4, floor decoration: to choose less light reflection, and the camera frame does not affect the mobility of the material. Color is ivory or bright gray is better.

5, light design: If there is unnecessary light diffuse reflection, it will not get the ideal lighting effect, so the wall needs curtains and visors to control the light diffuse reflection.

6, electrical wiring: underground wiring will be dangerous, so should be buried on the floor. The electrical jack is set to be convenient to set multiple as well. The electrical capacity is determined by how much light is used.

7. Air conditioning equipment: The air conditioning equipment should be set so as not to blow directly to the person. If you blow the wind, the long hair of the character will be shaken, and the specially arranged clothes may be blown up.

8, studio lighting: the setting of the lighting source does not affect photography. The lighting should be placed on either side of the studio or behind the camera, and be turned off when shooting. The portrait studio lighting is constructed as shown in the figure, and this configuration is also the most basic lighting.

The above is how Xiaobian brought you to decorate the studio? For the entire contents of the studio decoration design, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the studio decoration after reading this article. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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