Top ten brands of imported furniture

Economic development, import trade has also developed rapidly, and various imported furniture have also entered the Chinese market. I believe that many friends are familiar with imported furniture, because imported furniture meets a small number of consumers, pursues famous brands, and pursues individual consumption psychology. However, there are not many imported furniture that can be recognized by Chinese consumers. Below, Xiaobian introduces you to the top ten brands of imported furniture.


One of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Kalia

Kalia furniture brand can be said to be a business card of the Italian home furnishing industry. The brand was established in 1965. It has been in development for 51 years. It is very concerned about the health and environmental protection of the products, and strictly controls the quality of raw materials. The main product is the high-end home brand that has been known to the public in recent years to enter the Chinese market.

The top ten brands of imported furniture: Xiatu furniture

Xia Tu Furniture is one of Italy's high-end home furnishing brands. The brand is the main sofa product like Kalia. Xia Tu Furniture has won the honor and title of the top ten international leather sofa brands and the top ten international sofa brands.


Three of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Baker Furniture

Baker Furniture was founded in 1890 and has been developed for 126 years. It can be said to be a veritable century-old furniture brand. In the United States, Baker Furniture is arguably one of the top aristocratic furniture brands with a long history. After entering the Chinese market, it was earned by Kohler sanitary ware, and its products insisted on using all kinds of precious hardwoods. This price is definitely high.

Four of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Roachburg

The French Rocheburg furniture brand is a century-old furniture brand, which was founded in 1896. After 120 years of tempering and development, the Rochburg furniture store covers more than 30 countries and regions in North Africa, North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East and Asia.


Five of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Savitna

The imported furniture luxury brand of Setvina is an internationally renowned brand that specializes in the design and development of teak furniture. This imported furniture luxury brand believes that only constant changes and innovations can be recognized by consumers. In terms of quality, Settwina's imported furniture luxury brand uses 100% Indonesian virgin forest old teak and uses traditional wood drying technology to make the furniture last longer.

Six of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Capanelli

Why import luxury furniture brands are mostly from Italy, from Italy is the global fashion leader, where you can see the most popular elements of this year, popular elements are also important in the furniture industry. The imported luxury brand of Capanelli is also from Italy. The imported luxury brand of Capanelli has surpassed the boundary between classical and modern under the inheritance of a hundred years of history, bringing a variety of furniture with vitality to consumers. This imported furniture luxury brand loves the precious solid wood materials of cherry wood and love wood, and uses the ancestral thin wood parquet technology to bring us a luxurious visual enjoyment.


Seven of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Ezio Bellodi

This last imported luxury brand of furniture is the dream furniture brand of Xiaobian. The imported luxury furniture brand of Ezio Bellodi is the most favorite imported furniture luxury brand of European heads of state. The capitals of all countries like this imported luxury brand. The king's demeanor presented. This natural style of the king comes from the top design and exquisite craftsmanship of the imported furniture luxury brand of Ezio Bellodi. Whether it is exquisite pattern or smooth lines, Ezio Bellodi has been practicing for over 100 years. Summary. Now, Ezio Bellodi's imported luxury furniture brand has entered the domestic market, and the Mallic shopping mall in Shanghai can experience the king's demeanor.

Eight of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Shangpin home delivery

In 2004, Shangpin House was established and its headquarters is in Guangzhou. If the sales are based on consumer preferences, custom-made wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, TV cabinets, beds, dining tables and chairs, etc. Provide free door-to-door service for each customer. After 12 years of tempering and development, Shangpin Home Furnishing currently has 800 stores nationwide, with several state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, 110,000 square meters of factory buildings, and second-class processing control capabilities.


Nine of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Baker <br> Baker's imported luxury furniture brand was founded in the United States in 1891. Everyone knows that the United States was once the largest colony in Europe, with the most complete furniture style in Europe, and now the Baker. Imported furniture luxury brand. This imported furniture luxury brand pays attention to the details of each piece of furniture. Under the ancestral wood craftsmanship and the keen sense of raw materials, Baker imported furniture luxury brand has become the classic brand of the furniture industry, known as the "king of furniture".

Ten of the top ten brands of imported furniture: Hulsta

Hulsta was founded in 1940 and has a history of 69 years. It has always been adhering to the temperament of the Germans, bringing functionalism, rigorous style, excellence to detail, and high standards of quality to the product itself. Design, the highest quality products, is the brand's consistent persistence. In the stadtlohn region of Germany, we produce first-class products for the world – its origin reflects the characteristics of the brand.


The above-mentioned contents of the top ten brands of imported furniture will be introduced to this first. More information is available at GO Home.

Source: GO Jiaju

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