Late rice fertilizer and water transfer

Appropriate application of granular fertilizer, regulation of water, and spraying of boron fertilizer in the late stage of rice are conducive to high yield and stable yield.

The application of granular fertilizer and granular fertilizer is mainly sprayed with foliar fertilizer. It is sprayed 2 to 3 times during the period from the break to the filling stage. Each time, 100 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.5 to 1 kg of urea are used per mu. 20 ml of 802 plus 50 kg of water was sprayed on the stems and leaves of rice plants. In the field where the bottom fertilizer is insufficient and the leaves are denitrified and yellow is earlier, 2.5 to 4 kg of urea per acre is applied before heading to promote flower bud differentiation and prevent the degradation of spikelets.

Regulating water, rice heading and flowering stage have strict requirements on water, and should be properly deep-irrigated to promote the pollination of Qisui and normal flowering. After rooting, the roots of the plants gradually senescence, and the soil ventilation opportunity should be increased under the condition of ensuring water supply, so that the roots can be rooted, the roots can be preserved, and the root failure can be prevented. From the heading to the initial stage of pollination, there is a certain water layer in the field to meet the water demand of the plants. Wet irrigation in the future, alternating wet and dry. The grouting period is mainly wet, and the wax maturity period is mainly dry, alternating dry and wet until mature.

Spraying boron fertilizer to provide sufficient boron supply during the flowering and fruiting stage can increase the seed setting rate and increase the 1000-grain weight. In the boron-deficient field, the boron fertilizer was applied once at the beginning and the earing stage, and the boron fertilizer was applied once per acre with 100 grams of borax or 100 grams of photosynthetic micro-fertilizer plus 50 kg of water. When preparing the borax solution, first dissolve the borax with a small amount of warm water, and then dilute with water. Author: Wu Ming

Source of information: Farmers Daily
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