Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. successfully developed new steel grades for sucker rods

Recently, the new steel grade of 25MnVYD sucker rod developed and produced by Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. passed the fatigue performance test at China University of Petroleum. Its main performance indicators fully meet the requirements of the D-class sucker rod steel standard specified by China National Petroleum Corporation. In order to obtain a "entry permit" for mass entry into the market. The successful development of this steel grade marks a major breakthrough in the development of Tangshan's new steel for sucker rods, making Tangshan the second domestic enterprise to master this technology. At the same time, it has created conditions for further broadening the market, improving competitiveness and reducing production costs.
Steel for sucker rods is a special type of steel used primarily for the production of sucker rods for oil production. Previously, domestic steel for sucker rods generally used 20CrMoA, a traditional steel grade. However, due to the high price of ferromolybdenum, the cost of producing 20CrMoA sucker rod steel is very high. To this end, Tang Gang listed the "research and development of new steel grades for sucker rods" as one of the major technical research projects of the company this year, and formulated rigorous research targets and tackling measures. The relevant technical personnel have conducted research and investigation on many domestic sucker rod production plants and oil fields. On the basis of detailed understanding of market demand and user requirements, the steel type selection and process route design were completed in the shortest time, and laboratory research was carried out. The analysis further optimized the chemical composition and hot rolling process to ensure the successful development of new steel grades.

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