Pre-decoration preparation makes ceramic tiles play an important role

The issues that need to be considered in the renovation are very extensive. If you want to take into account the needs of the whole family, the preparations in the early stages are indispensable. Xiao Bian here for you to prepare the most comprehensive and practical decoration information, hoping to make all the small homes are warm and comfortable!

Yilibao Ceramics High Tiles

The selection of suitable tiles will not only allow the walls and floors to meet the basic needs of beauty, easy cleaning, but also create a variety of romantic, stylish or retro feelings at home. Learn to pick a few tips for ceramic tiles that can make tiles play a role that cannot be ignored.

In accordance with the use of features, tiles can be divided into exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, flower pieces, waistline, square tiles and skirtings. In accordance with the production process, can be divided into glazed tiles, bricks, polished tiles, vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles.

● Glazed tiles: These tiles are glazed on the surface of the brick. This type of brick is divided into two major categories: First, it is fired from pottery clay. Because of the higher water absorption rate, it must be burned glaze. Therefore, it has low strength and is rarely used. The other kind is made of porcelain clay, in order to pursue decoration. The effect also burns the glaze, and the price is slightly higher than ceramic tile fired. Glazed porcelain glazed tiles are widely used in home renovations.

● Whole body brick: This is a kind of non-glazed porcelain tile. The material of the front and back is the same as that of the color and brick. The whole body brick has good anti-skid and abrasion resistance. Generally speaking, what we call “non-slip floor tiles” is mostly full-body bricks, which are popular because they are moderately priced.

● Polished bricks: All bricks are polished after polishing and they are very hard-wearing due to their high hardness.

● Tile: This is a high-temperature fired porcelain tile, which is the hardest of all tiles. Some tiles will be scratched, but glass tiles will not.

● Ceramic tile: commonly known as mosaic, generally composed of dozens of small bricks, small and exquisite, colorful, is widely used in indoor small wall surface, mainly divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic and glass mosaic.

Consumers can choose different brands according to their own budget and preferences, and choose different styles of floor tiles according to their design requirements. The brightly colored glass tiles can decorate the modern home life; the calm and quaint glazed tiles can be placed in Chinese-style and European-style rooms. Mosaics of different materials and different splicing applications can add 10,000 kinds of styles to the living room. Novelty and good temperament tiles can be the finishing touch for the decoration. In the purchase of ceramic tiles, the experts suggested that: first of all, choose large manufacturers or brand-name products, although the price is higher, but the quality of the product has a reputation protection. Second, to check the quality of tiles, two aspects should be noted:

First, appearance

1. Look at the scale. The length, width and thickness of the error should be small. The approach is to take a few blocks of bricks on the floor. The proof of strictness is small and the quality is good. 2. Look at the angle. Diagonal lines cannot be larger than 1 mm. 3. Look at the flatness: two bricks interlocked, should be seamless and so on. 4. Look at the glossiness. Polished bricks can show silhouette. 5. Look at the finish. Within 3 meters, there should be no pinholes or blemishes on the bricks. 6. Look at the color difference. After a few tiles are tiled, the colors should be the same.

Second, the intrinsic quality

1. Look at the water absorption rate. Drop a drop of water on the brick to see how fast the water penetrates. A good brick, the water will roll on the brick. Listen to the sound. Good tiles, the sound crisp, indicating a high content of porcelain. If the sound "buzzes" with cracked sound, it means there is a crack in the brick.

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