The project of using aluminum scrap cans to produce 150,000 tons of aluminum alloy flat ingots is progressing smoothly

From March 4th to 5th, Henan Aipusheng Renewable Materials Co., Ltd. successfully used aluminum scrap cans to produce 150,000 tons of aluminum alloy flat ingot project technology exchange meeting successfully held in Changge City, Henan Province. From the Chinese aluminum processing industry, experts in the field of smelting casting, 17 representatives of professional suppliers of casting equipment from global and domestic new materials, and company leaders attended the meeting. The conference focused on the regeneration of new material casting equipment technology and technology, through the communication and exchange of representatives of equipment suppliers, expert assessment, and reached a consensus, forming a set of practical project technical solutions.

Henan Aipengsheng New Material Co., Ltd. uses scrap aluminum cans to produce 150,000 tons of aluminum alloy flat ingot project annually. It is a key project of Changzhou City Dazhou Industrial Agglomeration District, and it is also a key project that has attracted the attention of all levels of government leaders in Henan. For the early implementation and landing of the project, the company established a project implementation leading group composed of the main leaders such as the chairman Shang Junwei, and formulated a scientific and rigorous implementation plan, which provided strong organizational guarantee for the promotion and implementation of the project. In order to make the technical exchanges achieve the desired results, we will strive to innovate in the methods of communication. The combination of on-site exchanges and field trips, combined with vendor self-assessment and expert review, has effectively promoted the smooth realization of the goals of the conference.

At this technical exchange meeting, representatives from various suppliers and experts team members communicated and exchanged equipment, processes, and technologies on a one-to-one basis. In order to save time and increase efficiency, the communication time of each supplier was set to 30 in principle. minute. The technical solutions of each supplier's representative equipment are beautifully produced, with rich materials and detailed data. They have displayed the advantages and highlights of their own equipment in terms of technology and technology, and have targeted display and exchanges.

Henan Aipusheng New Material Co., Ltd. uses aluminum scrap cans to produce 150,000 tons of aluminum alloy flat ingot project plant layout, how the equipment layout, placement, how to achieve the best solution, the best technology, the most investment, the most effective Well, the best in the industry, but also in line with environmental protection, energy conservation and other requirements, is the main goal of this technical exchange meeting is expected to reach. Around this goal, the expert group repeatedly communicated with representatives of various suppliers, and repeatedly carried out demonstrations of technological planes, analysis of technical data, demonstration of comprehensive benefits, etc., and finally reached a wide consensus and formed a set of scientific, detailed, and reliable project technical program documents. It has laid a solid working and technical foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

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