Application of high temperature inorganic pigments in powder coatings

As one of the most widely used and excellent coloring agents on the market, high-temperature inorganic pigments have been widely used in powder coatings, glass inks, enamel ceramics, etc., and are generally classified into inorganic pigments and organic pigments. The following mainly introduces powder coatings. Commonly used inorganic pigments.

Pigments suitable for powder coatings can be roughly divided into four categories according to their properties and effects: coloring pigments, metallic pigments, functional pigments, and body pigments. They are an important part of powder coatings, giving the coating a colorful color, improving the mechanochemical properties of the coating, or reducing the cost of the coating. Coloring pigments are divided into two major categories, organic and inorganic, in which inorganic pigments cover almost all hue systems.

At the same time, due to the particularity of the process, the powder coating should pay attention to the following points when selecting the pigment: the pigment dispersion is better, the optimal dispersion particle size is 0.2 ~ 0.9?m , and it is not easy to agglomerate. The pigment hiding power and tinting strength are strong. Thermal stability is good, at least temperature resistance of 160 °C or above. Pigments should have certain light and weather resistance, such as not easy to fade, anti-powder, and long-lasting physical properties.

Among foreign powder coating products, powder coatings with good weather resistance have occupied a considerable proportion in the market, and the current development of fluorocarbon powder coatings has far more weather resistance than solvent-based fluorocarbon coatings. The overall performance of coatings requires high domestic automotive industry. Due to the excellent weather resistance, opacity and tinting strength of inorganic pigments, the future application in the powder coating market will be more extensive.

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