Henan Bochuang China's gold ore dressing equipment numerical control model is tight



At present, China's gold selection technology has been greatly improved, and the use of the flotation process of mineral processing equipment can more effectively improve the grade and output of gold. For details of the mineral processing equipment, flotation machine , magnetic separator, jaw crusher and other mineral processing machinery and equipment, you are welcome to consult Henan Bochuang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gold processing equipment industry NC NC of industrial processes mainly crushing, screening, flotation, and other four dehydration process, crushing and screening process using two closed-circuit process three sections, coarse crushing is done by well jaw crusher The vibrating feeder, belt, double-layer circular vibrating screen and other components are used to effectively improve the automation degree and production efficiency of the gold ore beneficiation production line equipment. The most valuable thing is to make the lean ore and the more difficult to treat the oxidized ore. A professional combination of mineral processing equipment to enhance the grade and output of gold.

Faced with the unfavorable situation of China's gold ore beneficiation equipment and gold selection equipment industry importing from foreign products for many years, the domestic mineral processing equipment industry is constantly increasing the technology research and development technology, accelerating the automatic production process of products and fully realizing the beneficiation. Numerical control of the equipment industry. The strong technical strength of the new mineral processing equipment developed by the company guarantees the recovery rate of gold mines and the improvement of concentrate grade.

China's gold mines are mostly poor ore, and most of them are oxidized ore. It is difficult to use smelting equipment for mining and smelting. In addition, the demand for gold mines in China has gradually increased gradually, and the international gold price has also soared. This gives China's mineral processing and selection. The gold equipment industry has brought tremendous pressure.

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