Misunderstanding of Baiyu Collection

Misunderstanding of Baiyu Collection:

Misunderstanding 1: non-leather does not play

What is leather? Leather is a layer of weathered leather on the surface of raw materials, mainly the erosion of jade by groundwater containing iron and manganese. In the history of Chinese jade, a strict jade standard has been followed. The jade is innocent, and the leather shell is not left in the carving. In the Qing Dynasty, there were plain pendants and handles that were not engraved, and a little leather was carved into a mascot to form a contrast between the embellishment and the color. It was also an innovation in the craft, and it was understandable. But the subject's jade is still white and moist. Nowadays, many Tibetans mistakenly believe that leather is valuable white jade, regardless of whether the main body of jade itself is perfect.

Myth 2: Non-Hetian cannot

Many jade seekers must ask when they choose: "Is it 'Hetian'?" This shows that there is no sufficient understanding of the word "Hetian". The statement about "Hetian jade" is mainly due to the fact that the Hetian area was one of the earliest places to produce nephrite. In history, people used the white jade as "Hetian jade". In fact, even the origin of ancient white jade is not limited to Hetian, and the end of the place, Yutian and other places are also famous white jade origin, "Hetian jade" in a broad sense, has become synonymous with white jade.

There are now more than 20 large mines in the Kunlun Mountains. In addition, the raw material of white jade produced in the Siberian region of Russia has also flowed into the country in large quantities, which is called “Russian material” in the industry. Many "Russian materials" are exquisite, white, and flawless. They are excellent raw materials. However, due to misleading circulation, only the nominal "Hetian jade" has a market. In fact, everyone who appreciates jade knows that the perfect jade is the most Hard to find, because its formation has its harsh geological conditions, is the product of the Hercynian movement hundreds of millions of years ago, is non-renewable. So where is the place of production?

Misunderstanding 3: Non-seed jade does not ask

As we all know, China's nephrite is mainly produced in the Kunlun Mountains and the Altun Mountains. What is seed jade? Seed jade is an oval-shaped nephrite material (secondary sand mine) deposited in the ancient river bed and the alluvial fan in the piedmont. Its primitives are also derived from mountain materials (primary mines) and mountain waters (turning stones in riverbeds). Regardless of whether it is a mountain material or a seed material, the criteria for evaluating white jade should be four main aspects of whiteness, texture, gloss and processing technology, and do not care about its output state. In other words, the jade quality of both the mountain material and the seed material is also good or bad. It is not that the seed jade is of good quality. The mountain material is necessarily of poor quality. Many good quality products are on the market. It is often not derived from seed material. Many Tibetans do not ask for non-seeds. This is the biggest misunderstanding at present. In fact, jade is the most important thing. Why care about the seed or not!

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