Different waterproof construction techniques in different locations

First, roof waterproofing

Roof waterproofing is a very important part of building waterproofing, and has a great influence on the top floor and nearby floors.

Mainly for a variety of roofing overall waterproof, roof cracks, roof pipes and other places around the treatment of leakage of a set of scientific and systematic construction methods.

Recommended materials: SBS modified bitumen membrane, JS composite waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, modified epoxy resin grouting liquid, polyester cloth, etc.

Second, kitchen bathroom waterproof

Leakage in the kitchen bathroom is mainly due to leakage of water around the pipe, leakage of cracks in the structural plate, paint peeling at the bottom of the wall near the kitchen and kitchen, and mildew in the wallpaper.

Based on specific conditions, the following construction processes are summarized: 1. High-pressure grouting plugging; 2. The kitchen and toilet are dug to re-do waterproof; 3. A layer of colorless, pervious waterproof coating is applied.

Recommended materials: JS composite waterproof coating, plugging Wang, fiberglass cloth and so on.

Third, external wall waterproof

External wall waterproofing is a high-altitude operation with certain risks. The construction team needs to have professional knowledge and training.

Leakage of the external wall is mainly manifested in the paint inside the wall is wet, drum off or mold, etc., and the external wall leakage water source is more difficult to determine, when a floor of the external wall leakage occurs, the floor to the top floor The floor takes the overall exterior wall waterproofing method.