What should we predict in advance when we do waterproofing?

During the renovation process, bathroom waterproofing is an important detail that cannot be neglected. Then, what aspects must we pay attention to in order to achieve better security?

Waterproof three elements:

1, to platoon-based, supplemented by prevention.

2, waterproof layer must be done in the ground floor below the floor.

3. The elevation of the ground between the satellites should be lower than the elevation of the ground outside the gate, and the low elevation of the ground should be lower.

Drainage specific slope points:

1. Drainage slope is generally 2% for ground drains.

2. Low-drain drainage slope, with the edge of the floor drain 50mm outwards, with a drainage gradient of 3-5%.

3. The elevation of the floor drain shall be determined according to the gradient from the entrance to the floor drain, and if necessary, the threshold shall be set.

4. If there is a bathtub in the kitchen and bathroom, the floor of the bathtub drains to a floor drain slope of 3-5%.

The specific method of leveling:

1, 10-20mm thick 1:2.5 cement mortar leveling layer, smoothing calendering, casing root wiped "eight" angle, width 10mm, height 15mm, yin and yang corners into small round, the head should be sleek.

2. For uneven parts or pits, use a 1:2.5 cement mortar to level it.

The last thing to note:

1, in the cross-operation, to tie well, through the wall pipe or concave hole punching, should be waterproof construction, and smooth the light for the first processing.

2, before the construction of waterproof, pipe, nozzle, joint leakage and dripping are strictly prohibited.