Waterproof plasterboard features

1, gypsum board is mainly used for engineering or home decoration, itself because the toughness is good (do shaped top apply), and the price is relatively cheap, has been the preferred product of the majority of decoration masters;

2. The gypsum board itself belongs to 2 crystal products. The contained water crystals can effectively achieve the effect of endothermic, so the fire protection effect is more remarkable;

3, because the use of foaming agent, gypsum in the appropriate arrangement of the gap, so it also played a sound insulation, sound-absorbing effect;

4, waterproof gypsum board is the core gypsum also made water treatment, moisture resistant plate is mainly used for basement or indoor relatively high humidity, construction requirements are higher, water-resistant gypsum board is commonly used in the bathroom or kitchen;

5, gypsum board is a natural gypsum and covering paper as the main raw material, so light weight, thermal insulation, fire and sound insulation performance.

Conclusion: Many of the ceilings in home living rooms are based on gypsum board. And the style is also more beautiful, beautiful atmosphere. However, safety work must be done in place, and the basic processes of fire prevention, moisture protection and anti-dropping must be strictly controlled!