2011 Guangzhou reappears and unlocks

Recently, the reporter learned from the person in charge of Guangzhou Bodyguard Safety Metal Products Co., Ltd. that the company will be held at the 2011 International Lock Industry (Guangzhou) Expo Fair (Guangzhou Lock Expo) held at Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center on April 17. Hold an unlocking platform.
According to the general manager of the bodyguard lock industry, the performance of the anti-technical opening of mechanical locks developed by the bodyguard lock industry has far surpassed that of foreign old brands. The locks that are almost impossible to achieve are not limited to anti-universal key technology, which fills the gap in the world. The bodyguard brand products have their own intellectual property rights and have been authorized by many national inventions and utility patents. Its core technology is enough to make all the unlocking technology in the world a migration, ending the history of technology unlocking and theft.
Mr. Chen said: In the past, other unlocking platforms have limited restrictions on the challenger. They not only limit the time, number and tools of the challenger's unlocking, but also limit the challenger's ability to open multiple locks. Although there is no million bonus, no car or motorcycle prizes in this competition, the challenger is not allowed to challenge the technology to unlock: 1. Unlimited time; 2. Unlimited number of people open a lock; 3, no limit tool. As long as you register on-site, you can challenge for an unlimited time. Open a bodyguard lock and you will get a million yuan bonus. If you still can't open the bodyguard lock for more than 100 minutes, you can also get a 100 yuan consolation bonus.
The bodyguard lock industry promises: This activity aims to improve the safety performance of locks and promote the development of security technology. Welcome domestic and foreign top unlocking kings, masters of unlocking to come to challenge and learn skills.

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