Choosing an excellent lock brand is more secure

Let me talk about the traffic of Jinling Decoration City. Jinling Decoration City is located in Jiangdong South Road, where traffic is convenient, not only there are 81 bus routes and so on, but it is definitely not a problem for consumers to drive private cars to buy products. The lock market in Jinling Decoration City is not big, but the variety of locks is quite complete. From the door lock of thousands of yuan to the door lock of tens of dollars.
Through Xiaobian's observation and understanding, the mid-range door locks that are mainly produced in the local market in Guangdong are different according to the model and style. The price of each lock is between 100 yuan and 300 yuan. Of course, there are also quality. The second-grade low-end goods are also relatively popular, and the price ranges from 50 yuan to 100 yuan.
In addition to these low-end goods, many stores also have some high-level door locks. Most of these high-grade locks are foreign products, and the price ranges from 600 yuan to 2,000 yuan. The salesperson told Xiaobian that the door locks were generally bought by the villa customers.
When a commercial household tells Xiaobian, when selecting a lock, first of all, it is necessary to observe whether the surface of the product is flat and lubricated, including whether the lock, the lock body, the lock tongue, the handle and the related accessories are all in place, and the color of the lock is not bright and uniform. Whether there are rust, signs of oxidation and damage.
"Check the performance of the lock is not reliable, flexible, you can select two or more products for comparison check." The salesperson said that when purchasing two-way lock goods, it is necessary to use all the keys to test the inner and outer locks separately. Use the key to repeatedly insert and remove the keyhole several times to see if the application is flexible.
In addition, he also reminded consumers to pay attention to the selection of locks in line with the opening direction of their homes. Since most locks on the market are single-open doors, there are also double-open doors, which are used in villas and are more expensive.
Visiting the store experience: the lock market is mixed, Xiaobian found a large number of door locks with only 10 yuan, but from the surface, the feeling of hand touch, etc., the quality is relatively poor. Therefore, try to purchase excellent brand-name products with high reputation, the quality of these products is guaranteed, and there will be a long-term warranty period.

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