Spring flower crops should be applied to spring fertilizer

Due to the late sowing period and the cold winter, the growth of spring flower crops was generally poor. The rapeseed, the mustard seedlings were small, the seedlings were weak, the number of large wheat seedlings was small, and the seedlings were thin. At present, the temperature is gradually rising, the growth rate of spring flower crops is accelerating, rapeseed and mustard have entered the buds and bolting stage of the buds, and the large wheat has also entered the critical period of growth of the jointing and booting ears, grasping the current management of spring flower crops, fighting for rapeseed, The high yield of mustard and large wheat is especially important. In view of the fact that this year's spring flower crops have poor growth, the current management focus is on the general application and the re-application of spring fertilizer.
Re-apply rapeseed buds and mustard fertilizers. It is necessary to hurry up and timely apply rapeseed buds and mustard fertilizers, and apply 10-15 kg of urea per acre. In the early stage, no phosphate fertilizer was applied, and 15 kg of superphosphate was applied per acre.
Pu Shi large wheat jointing and booting fertilizer general field, before the end of the month, barley acre of urea 5-6 kg, wheat acre of urea 5-8 kg; poor growth, less seedlings, can be increased.
After the spring, the rainfall will gradually increase. It is necessary to do a good job in clearing the ditch and regulating the canal to ensure smooth drainage and reduce water and waterlogging in the field. At the same time, we must do a good job in the prevention and control of pests For rapeseed fields with late planting and weeds, weeding should be carried out in a timely manner. The use of 20 ml of 10.8% efficient grass cover per mu should be sprayed with 50 kg of water. For large wheat, rapeseed and mustard fields with aphids, timely control should be carried out. .
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