Application of bacterial fertilizer should pay attention

It is not advisable to apply biological fertilizer to soils with high sulfur content and rust fields because sulfur can kill biological bacteria. For paddy paddy fields, it is generally not necessary to apply, and the effect of spraying is more obvious.

The optimum temperature for applying the bacterial fertilizer due to the temperature is 25 ° C ~ 37 ° C, below 5 ° C, above 45 ° C, the application effect is poor. It is not suitable for the application of crop fields under high temperature, low temperature and drought conditions. At the same time, it should also be known that the optimum moisture content of nitrogen-fixing bacteria is 60% to 70%.

Special attention should be paid to the mixing, and the bacterial fertilizer should not be mixed with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and sulfur-containing fertilizers (such as potassium sulfate) and straw ash, because these drugs and fertilizers can easily kill the bacteria. . Or first apply the fertilizer, after 48 hours, then fight the herbicide. If seed dressing, avoid mixing with seeds that have been mixed with fungicide. It should also be prevented from being mixed with unfertilized farmyard manure.

Due to the quantity system, for the fields where fertilizer has been applied for many years, the application of biological fertilizers can not reduce the application of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers in large quantities. Because crops are dependent on chemical fertilizers, the use of biological fertilizers instead of nitrogen fertilizers cannot be adapted at once. Therefore, The substitution amount should be 30%, 40% and 60% in the first, second and third years respectively. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can only be supplemented and cannot be reduced.

The bio-fertilizer is not a quick-acting fertilizer, and it is best applied in the nutrient critical period of the crop and 7-10 days before the nutrient absorption period.
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