Analysis of the Reasons for the Multilayer Practice of the Rigid Waterproof Layer of Cement Mortar

The five-layer anti-waterproofing method of cement mortar, why can it be waterproof? The function and function of each layer are different. It can be closely combined with the base layer to form a solid waterproof whole.

The roles of each layer are described as follows:

The first layer of ash layer plays a role in bonding and waterproofing with the base layer. Because it is repeatedly scraped, it blocks the pores on the surface of the base layer, enhances the anti-seepage and waterproof ability, and makes the second layer of cement mortar and the base layer adhere tightly together. , improved the integrity.

The second layer of cement mortar layer is smeared with cement mortar before the first layer of ash is solidified, so that the two layers are firmly combined to play the role of the skeleton of the whole waterproof guide, and the protective layer of the ash is obtained, so that the cement is obtained. Fully hydrated, crystallized and enhanced impermeability.

The third layer of ash layer, which is mainly waterproof, is applied to the surface of the rough and moist cement mortar layer. The cement is more hydrated, the crystal is more dense, no crack is generated, and the capillary network of the waterproof layer is cut off. , greatly enhance the impermeability. The fourth layer of cement mortar layer acts as a waterproof and protective ash layer, and is also a skeleton of the waterproof layer. It is plastered and compacted before the third layer of the gray layer is not solidified, and is tightly combined with the plain layer, and is bonded to the first three layers to form a whole, which increases the density of compaction.

The fifth layer is coated with a cement slurry and smeared with the fourth layer of cement mortar to make the surface smooth, block the pores on the surface, and enhance the impermeability of the waterproof layer. The five-layer waterproof layer of cement mortar is a division of labor to resist the penetration of water. It belongs to the rigid waterproof category, so it is still subject to certain restrictions in the scope of use.

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