Wallpaper paving and maintenance life can be maintained for more than 10 years

The wallpapers currently on the market are varied. Visiting the market found that from the color category, there are a variety of colors such as floral, solid color, and stripes; and from the material of the wallpaper, there are full paper wallpaper, fabric wallpaper, natural material wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper, rubber surface wallpaper, A variety of materials such as metal wallpapers. Professionals say that as long as you choose the right wallpaper, focus on scientific and reasonable construction and post-maintenance, the life of the wallpaper can be maintained for more than 10 years, and the houses in the humid climate can be put on beautiful wallpapers.

Many consumers think that as long as they choose the best wallpaper, there is no worries. This kind of thinking is wrong. "Three-point materials, seven-point craftsmanship", the wallpaper paving process is more important. It is understood that the requirements for the treatment of the base layer of the wall when the wallpaper is laid are as strict as the latex paint.

First, the wall should be treated flat, clean, dry, crack-free and void-free, and absorbent, then choose a better latex paint to brush the wall. If the time interval is too long after the latex paint is finished, it may cause the wall to rise, which requires sanding. Then, you need to cover a layer of base film, which not only ensures the beautiful wallpaper, but also does not damage the latex paint layer when you change the wallpaper later.

Brushing glue is the key link of wallpaper paste. When the experienced master pastes the wallpaper, the glue will be glued on the back and wall of the wallpaper. The glue is evenly and tightly glued. In addition, the four corner brushes of the wallpaper will be emphasized. Apply super glue to ensure that the four corners of the wallpaper are not easy to lift.

With the peak of spring decoration, the demand for wallpapers of many owners has also begun to rise. For this reason, Xiaobian integrates the essentials of wallpaper purchase and common problems, and hopes to help the owners.

How to choose the right wallpaper

Large-area monochrome is popular on the wall of the living room. The bright color can stimulate people's emotions. It is suitable for use in restaurants (restaurant decoration renderings) and living rooms; Jining decoration thinks that cool colors or low-light colors can make people concentrate and emotions. Stable, used in the study (study decoration renderings) or work room is the most appropriate; light colors make people feel relaxed and relaxed, can be used in the bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings).

Shop wallpaper by volume

Experts remind you to buy wallpapers, it is best to estimate the amount of wallpaper, in order to buy the same batch of wallpaper at one time, reduce unnecessary trouble, and avoid waste.

The amount of wallpaper used is calculated using the following formula:

The wallpaper usage (volume) is equal to the room perimeter multiplied by the room height multiplied by (100 plus K) / square meters per roll, K is the loss rate of the wallpaper, generally 3 to 10.

The standard wallpaper can be 5.2 square meters per roll.

The magnitude of the K value is related to the following factors:

Wallpaper pattern size: large pattern seams are complex, so the utilization ratio of small patterns is lower, so the K value is slightly larger; Jining decoration thinks that the pattern of flowers needs to be lower than the pattern of flowers, and the K value is slightly larger. The patterns arranged in the same direction are lower in utilization ratio than the horizontally arranged patterns, and the K value is slightly larger;

The nature of the paste surface: the complex surface is more complicated than the ordinary plane, and the K value is high;

Paste method: use the seaming method to paste the stitching seam wallpaper with high utilization rate and small K value; use the overlap cutting and seaming method to make the wallpaper use low and the K value is large.

Xiao Bian summary: decoration is the first time for many people, how to install a house that makes you and your family satisfied without experience, which requires us to constantly learn and understand, master these during the decoration process. The details are more important.

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