Unit plans to save money for private extinguisher inspections

CPPCC members proposed to strengthen the supervision of fire equipment production, sales and maintenance

The newspaper reported that the fire extinguisher problem has attracted people's attention in the city's fire safety inspection. According to the regulations, the fire extinguisher must carry out an annual inspection once a year, otherwise it may lose its fire fighting function. However, according to investigations, some units still do not pay enough attention to the "annual inspection" of fire extinguishers, fail to make timely "annual inspections," or save money. Efforts are made to label informal companies to meet inspections.

The CPPCC members suggested that inspections and management of the production, sale and maintenance of fire equipment should be strengthened.

Public opinion record

The code number D00753 suggests that many units, companies, and residential properties are equipped with a large number of fire extinguishers. However, some of these fire extinguishers do not perform “annual inspections” as required. In the event of a fire, these fire extinguishers that do not have “annual inspections” can easily fail to function properly. Used to delay the timing of fire extinguishing. It is recommended that relevant authorities strengthen management.

Fire extinguisher "annual inspection" has the supervision of the neighborhood committee

Yesterday, the reporter randomly visited 30 shops and restaurants along Jingguang Bridge to People’s Daily, and found that only one duck neck store just opened had no fire extinguisher. In a shop equipped with fire extinguishers, only one tobacco sales shop failed to conduct an annual inspection in time.

"Equipped with fire extinguishers is a mandatory requirement. Residents' committees will check and supervise the fire extinguishers." The owner of an office equipment repair shop said that the shops along the street had a safety responsibility letter and the residents' committee would check the contents of the safety responsibility book.

“The equipment we sell has a ledger, and the large units and fire-fighting equipment of the company go to the “annual inspection” time. Our sales staff will take the initiative to contact them, but for small units, because of the shortage of manpower, the other party needs to take the initiative to cooperate with us. Contact." A fire-fighting equipment company's staff said, "There are very few home users and they need to have the initiative to take the annual inspection."

Informal fire-fighting equipment company offers an annual inspection certificate at a low price

However, there are still some units to save costs in order to cope with the "annual inspection" of fire extinguishers. Yesterday at 2 pm yesterday, at the East Fourth Ring Fire Equipment Sales Company, a man came in and asked how much money was needed to repair a fire extinguisher. When he learned that he needed about 30 yuan, he expressed surprise. "Is it more than a dozen dollars to repair?" Then she turned and left.

“A 4 kg ABC fire extinguisher, plus manual, door-to-door delivery, testing, inflating, and reloading fire extinguishing agents, cost at least 20 yuan at least, and only 10 yuan is certainly the kind of informal company, just posted a After the re-inflating of the certificate label is completed, it is purely for coping.” Ms. Gao, the company’s staff member, told reporters, “The dry powder in the fire extinguisher has to be changed once a year, otherwise it will condense into pieces and cannot be used. ”

"Now there are a lot of informal fire equipment sales and maintenance companies, and it's difficult to get a regular company." Ms. Gao said, "Since the recent "Operation Thunder," some of the original customers who had paid for the informal company have come back to the door. Come, like a security company, the fire extinguisher was originally found to be repaired by an informal company. A year ago there was a fire. Dry powder did not spray from the hose but it was sprayed onto the person."

Members recommend strengthening supervision of fire equipment

"The cause of a fire anywhere is that it has not been done in accordance with the requirements of the fire department," said the CPPCC member. According to regulations, each unit must be equipped with fire extinguishers, but some unit leaders do not pay attention, and do not overhaul in two or three years. The staff on the lower map is cheaper, where to save money, and Beijing also has many small doors to provide services in this area. It may not be done in accordance with the requirements of the fire department, shoddy, or have a certificate. an examination.

The CPPCC members suggested that relevant departments should strengthen supervision on the production, sales, and maintenance of fire equipment, and rectify irregular and unqualified fire equipment sales and maintenance companies.

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