Automotive Manufacturing Cutting System Engineering and Applications (6)

3. Handle several important relationships

1 relationship between equipment selection and tool selection; 2 relationship between current design and long-term consideration; 3 relationship between planned output and real production fluctuation; 4 reduction of equipment quantity or relationship between investment and process rationality 5; the relationship between the increase in cutting amount and the possible shortening of tool life; 6 the relationship between equipment investment savings and tool cost increase; 7 the relationship between the degree of flexibility and processing efficiency.

4. The process plan needs to adapt to the system conditions

What process, equipment, tools, etc. are used are closely related to the output and its changes. From the point of view of cutting system engineering, it cannot be simply said that the machining center machine tool is good, or the special machine is good, or a certain equipment combination is good. The key depends on the comprehensive situation of the system and whether it adapts to the surrounding environment. Condition, because in some cases a good process plan may not be suitable in another case.

It is important to analyze this mutual change and their interrelationships to guide process planning and design.

5. Control of tool durability and cost of use during project planning

What needs to be explored is how to manage and control the design of the tool more effectively during the planning and design phase of the project, and to the equipment suppliers and tool suppliers to propose the basics of tool durability and related cost of use after the project is put into production. It is required that the tool costs and manufacturing costs that will occur after production are predicted and controlled during the planning phase of the project. This will greatly improve the technical and economic benefits of the implementation of new projects.


Machining is a complex and large system. To achieve truly efficient machining, it is necessary to apply the system's point of view and the system's approach. It is precisely because of this that we cannot treat and process the problems in the machining system in isolation, statically, and separately, but need to break the professional boundaries and pay attention to many complex elements and variables in the cutting system.

On the one hand, we need to understand the professional characteristics of each subsystem; on the other hand, we need to find and discover the interconnections and interactions between subsystems, and the interconnection and interaction between various factors within each subsystem. Understand the impact of their interactions on system output and grasp the relationship between certain variables.

It is conceivable that the development of modern automobile manufacturing continues to bring new problems, more difficult materials to be processed, higher processing quality and processing efficiency, and more competitive processing costs. Faced with these challenges, the application of systems engineering methods will provide effective ways and scientific methods to achieve a comprehensive optimization of the cutting program and cutting tool performance, to solve the new problems in the cutting process, to achieve the ideal cutting system output.

All of the above will help to continue to innovate and enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

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