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Towels are a necessity in our lives. Whether it is our home towels or some common towels. People's demands for the health and hygiene of towels are also getting higher and higher. Now we have a lot of disposable items in our lives, such as disposable chopsticks, disposable slippers, disposable shampoo sets, and disposable towels. So today Xiaobian wants to introduce to everyone is a one-time towel, to see how the price of disposable towels .

Disposable towel price

The factors affecting the price of disposable towels are fundamentally related to the value of disposable towels. The value of disposable towels we often say is actually referring to the quality of disposable towels. The quality of disposable towels is good or not, which is linked to many factors such as fabric selection and workmanship of disposable towels. A disposable towel of good natural quality will have a higher price. The following small series gives a few examples for your reference.

Green Edge Disposable Towel White Towel Hotel Towel Face Towel Travel Towel 200/bag

Price: 40 yuan

Wavebetter break point tear disposable cleansing towel / cleansing face towel wash towel 30 meters easy cleansing

Price: 29.9 yuan

Ou Kexin AUKEWIN white towel hotel towel 50G disposable white towel face towel travel towel cotton towel

Price: $2.28

TOLAN Topland 100% Natural Disposable Cotton Cleansing Towel Travel Wash Towel Tissue Paper Beauty Towel Makeup Baby

Price: 22 yuan

Amoy Mini compact towel outdoor travel essential non-disposable non-woven towel convenient hygiene 25 Pack

Price: 29 yuan

Jiebisi towel small square towel compressed towel cotton mini compressed facial towel wipe towel disposable towel compressed square towel

Price: 16.9 yuan

Maggie Compression Disposable Towel Compression Face Wash Compression Cleansing Towel

Price: 5 yuan

Zhuyuan Zhuyuan Hotel restaurant high-end disposable wet wipes towel ultra-thin soft small square towel HMJ-004

Price: 1.3 yuan

JUSTGREEN Imported disposable wash towel outdoor cycling cotton towel baby cotton wipes 3 / roll

Price: 10.8 yuan

Zhuyuan hotel hotel supplies cotton compression towel cotton travel disposable square towel can be used repeatedly wholesale HMJ-005

Price: 3 yuan

The above is a description of the related content of disposable towels and I hope to help you. For more information on towels, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

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