Expert price warning for granite sheet: Imported stone prices “panic” soaring

Granite, the main component of the continental crust, is a type of igneous rock that condenses below the surface and is a deep intrusive rock. The main components are feldspar, mica and quartz. The origin of granite is the Latin granum, which means grain or grain. Because granites are deep diagenetic rocks and often form well-developed, visually identifiable mineral grains, they are named. Granite is not easy to weather, beautiful color, appearance and color can be maintained for more than a hundred years, due to its high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to being used as a high-level architectural decoration project, the ground floor, or open-air carving of the preferred material. Granite is a decorative stone that is often used in daily life. It has a wide range of applications and a wide variety of products. Everyone may want to know what granite sheet processing is and granite sheets are not expensive. Let's take a look at the processing technology and process flow of the granite plate , and let you have a deeper understanding of the price of the granite plate .

Granite Word Definition

1. One of the igneous rocks, the most widely distributed in the earth's crust, is a crystalline rock that gradually cools and condenses in the depths of the earth's crust. The main components are quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is generally yellow with pink and grayish. Hard texture, beautiful color, is a good building material. Known as granite.

2. Metaphor is stubborn: granite heads.

Granite classification

According to the types of minerals contained, they can be divided into black granite, muscovite granite, hornblende granite, and double mica granite. According to the structure, they can be divided into fine-grained granite, medium-grained granite, coarse-grained granite, mottled granite, and mottled granite. , crystal cave granites, gneissic granites and black sands granites.

According to the contained sub-minerals, they can be divided into cassiterite-bearing granites, lanthanum-bearing iron-bearing granites, lanthanum-bearing granites, lepidolites, and tourmaline granites. Commonly petrochemical, gneiss, petrochemical, and other metamorphism.

Granite is a widely distributed rock that has been produced in all geologic times. Most of the forms are rock bases, rock strains, and rock bells.


Granite sheet processing technology

The main processing methods of granite are not complicated. They mainly include: sawing, grinding, cutting, chiseling, singeing, auxiliary processing, and inspection and repair.

1. Sawing and cutting processing: Saw cutting is the use of a sawing machine to saw and cut granite blocks (general thickness is 20mm or 10mm), or semi-finished products such as bars and blocks.

2. Grinding and polishing: The purpose of grinding and polishing is to further process the sawn good wool board so that its thickness, flatness and gloss can meet the requirements.

3, cutting processing: cutting processing is to use the cutting machine to the hair board or polishing plate according to the required size specifications for forming cutting.

4. Chiseling: Chiseling is a traditional method of processing, and the embryos are processed into desired products by means of wedge cracking, chiselling, boring, refurbishing, and grinding.

5, singeing processing: singeing processing, also known as fire processing, spray processing, is the use of different mineral particles composed of granite, the difference in thermal expansion coefficient, with the flame to burn the surface of some particles thermal expansion rupture off, forming the undulations Ordered matte ornamentation.

6. Auxiliary processing: Auxiliary processing is to edging, grinding, chamfering, opening holes, drilling holes, milling slots, milling edges, etc. of the already-cut, polished stone.

7. Inspection and repair: After the completion of processing, all granite plates need to be inspected. The first step is to pass the cleaning, then the dry test, and the qualified products are packaged in the storage. The unqualified products should be singled out first. In the case of meeting the requirements of the order, for some of the defects are not serious granite products can be repaired, that is, bonding, repair, thereby reducing the scrap rate.


Granite sheet processing process

There are four main production lines for the processing of granite sheet products: Specification plate production line, sheet metal production line, rough surface decoration plate production line and special-shaped plate production line. Specification board processing process: block lifting → sawing → washing inspection → rough grinding → fine grinding → fine grinding → polishing → cutting repair → inspection packaging; thin plate processing process: block lifting → sawing into a thin plate → truncated → Grinding, polishing, cutting, edging, chamfering, slot milling, cleaning, drying, inspection and packaging; granite rough surface decorative board processing process: semi-finished hair board → cutting hair or singeing → cutting → inspection packaging; special-shaped plate Processing process: semi-finished sheet → trimming → profile milling → drilling → edge chamfering → inspection packaging.

Granite plate price

There are many kinds of granite plates, single materials, due to differences in the quality of materials, origin, grade, there are disparities, generally in the tens of dollars to one hundred yuan per square. As for the specific price, it is recommended that consumers go to the physical store to shop around and find a suitable granite plate.

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