Gas pipeline renovation process and precautions vigilant: owners can not be privately transformed

In the decoration of houses, many people want to reform the gas meters and gas pipes for aesthetic reasons. The renovation of gas pipelines is also one of the biggest safety hazards in the renovation. A slight misconduct may cause future safety problems. The renovation of gas pipelines during home renovation is a big problem. For the sake of the family's future safety, construction personnel must pay attention to safety when renovating pipelines, taking into account various safety distances. Here we will introduce to you the gas pipeline renovation precautions, and hope to help friends who have this need!

Gas pipeline renovation principle

In the reform of gas pipelines, the principles of safety first and simple lines must be followed as far as possible, and factors such as aesthetics and convenience should be considered on this basis. The gas pipelines of new houses generally do not need to be changed, and the gas pipelines of second-hand houses may be rusted and aged. This requires careful inspection before renovation, and necessary replacement and modification to reduce the risk.

Owners cannot change gas pipelines privately

At present, the relevant departments have mandatory regulations for the transformation and installation of gas pipelines. Various transformations and installations must not be carried out by the owners themselves, and the home improvement companies must not arbitrarily change them under various circumstances. The industry is mainly responsible for property and natural gas companies. After the professional's approval, it will be transformed and installed.

Gas pipeline renovation process

Installation application: For projects that need to install pipeline gas, the owner submits an application to the Market Development Department. The gas company organizes on-site investigations, responds to the applicants, and is responsible for the unified coordination of all aspects of design, installation, and ignition.

Open an account: Bring an account opening notice, ID card, real estate license or property lease contract, sign gas supply contract for gas use, and pay the account opening fee within 5 working days.

Transfer: With the identity card, real estate license or house lease contract, the new resident can consult the customer service department to pay the gas fee of the former tenant and the gas meter measurement, settle the gas cost, handle the transfer procedure, and pay the relevant fees.

Renovation of construction: The transfer, removal, modification, and installation of indoor gas pipeline facilities shall be submitted to the gas company for application, payment of survey fees, site survey survey and reconstruction costs, home construction, and total settlement fees.


Gas pipeline renovation precautions

1. The gas pipeline meets the following requirements when meeting other pipelines

When laying horizontally parallel, the net distance should not be less than 150mm; when laying in parallel, the net distance should not be less than 100mm, and it should be located on the outside of other pipelines; the net distance should not be less than 50mm when cross laying; the pipeline can not be hidden in the wall; the gas pipeline is not It can be installed in the wall like a cable and must be installed outside the wall so that it can be easily detected and repaired. The wall near the wall must not be a flammable material such as wood. The pipeline should be short and not long; in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, the gas pipeline should be short and not long. Try not to cross the bedroom or the living room. If it is necessary to pass through, be sure to take protective measures, such as putting a pipe sleeve outside the pipeline.

2. Gas meter must be ventilated

The gas meter in the kitchen should be placed in a ventilated location, which is not only safe but also convenient for the relevant personnel to check when they are charged. During the renovation, the owner shall not change the gas meter himself or move his position without permission. If maintenance services are required, local gas supply units must be found. Maintenance should be carried out when the air supply is stopped. After the gas meter is reinstalled, it must be promptly inspected. After the pressure test and leak test are qualified, it can be put into use.


3. Hose is not suitable for connection between burning appliance and pipeline

Most stainless steel pipes are used in the connection between most domestic appliances and pipes, but there are still a few old houses that use hoses. Hose is easy to age, and if it is not updated in time, it can easily cause a leak.

4. After the transformation of the pipeline, a safety inspection is required

In order to prevent damage to the gas pipelines and fittings during the renovation, the safety inspections should be carried out promptly after the renovation to see if gas leaks occur in the gas pipelines. After the inspection, it is found that there are no problems before they can be put into use. Otherwise, professionals should be found in time. Make repairs. If leaks are found during the inspection, notify the gas supply personnel for maintenance.

Editor's summary: Any decoration company does not have the gas reform qualification. All gas reform projects must be operated by relevant units and staff under the gas group, and photographed and archived after the renovation. Only the project operated by the responsible person in charge will be responsible for the gas company's responsibility. The gas company will not assume any responsibility for the renovation project carried out by other personnel. In addition, if you need to install the gas water heater on the balcony, in addition to complying with the relevant safety requirements of the water heater manufacturer to determine whether it can be installed, all gas pipelines must go "clear", do not allow any form of parcel, cover, hide, etc. Otherwise, in the event of an emergency, it will affect the timely implementation of measures.

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