China has begun the technical research of the fourth generation of aircraft engine blades.

Blades are the most central and critical parts of aero-engines. Their manufacturing is one of the key and difficult points of engine manufacturing, so they are often referred to as the "heart in the heart." Zhang Hefei is the chief engineer of AVIC Xinyi Machinery Factory of AVIC. Under his leadership, the engine manufacturing capability of the new art factory has been realized from vortex jet to turbofan, from medium to small thrust to large thrust, from second generation to third generation. The "three major leap" has made tremendous contributions to China's aviation engine industry.

The new art factory is an aviation engine blade manufacturer established during the large-scale three-line construction of China's aviation industry. In 1987, Zhang Hefei, a university graduate, came to the new art factory for more than 20 years. In the meantime, he relied on the enthusiasm of revitalizing the aviation weapons and equipment manufacturing industry, and painstakingly studied the technology, starting from the technician position, step by step. In June 2003, Zhang Hefei was promoted to chief engineer from the technical deputy director of the new art factory precision casting branch. He believes that the engine business should be considered more than just engineering technology itself must first grasp the first-hand information in order to avoid decision-making mistakes. Therefore, he always has four or five days a week at the production site, solving many difficult problems.

Zhang Hefei always said, "Study technology can not sit on the elevator, you can only climb the stairs by yourself." This is the belief that supports his never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

In order to ensure the completion of the new machine development according to the planned node, Zhang Hefei went all out. As the model supervisor, he participated in each work in the development and organized the implementation. He organizes professional model supervisors and technicians in the production unit to discuss each part and each scheme in the trial production in detail to determine the final implementation plan. In the trial production process, he always adhered to the production line, timely coordination and handling of various on-site technical issues. He actively presided over the application of various provincial and ministerial-level scientific research projects, actively promoted the construction of the factory's technological innovation system, and vigorously promoted the construction of information technology. All of these have led to the innovative development of new art factory blade manufacturing technology.

Zhang Hefei has never forgotten talent training. He often said, "The success of enterprise technology innovation, the effect of innovation, fundamentally depends on talents, especially science and technology talents. Therefore, my mission has two, one is to engage in technology, one is to talent." He proposed to develop the blade manufacturing technology by model development, and the scientific research results should be transformed into productivity. Leaders must pay attention to it, respect knowledge, respect talents, and implement the combination of "production, learning and research", "leaders, technicians, workers". The combination of three, "design, materials, technology" three. To this end, he participated in the formulation of the “Eleventh Five-Year” talent resource planning of the factory, the technical experts and experts of the factory, and advocated and promoted the first engineering master class of the factory, and entrusted Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to train 18 engineering masters.

Compared with the international advanced level, accelerating the development of domestically produced advanced engines and eradicating aircraft "heart disease" is imminent. Zhang Hefei has not remembered how many sleepless nights he and his team spent on the job site to fully consolidate the manufacturing technology of the third-generation aero-engine blade and master the key manufacturing technology of the fourth-generation aero-engine blade; The plan, how many materials they have read, and how many trials they have gone through.

On October 1, 2009, when 151 domestic fighters were compiled into 12 airborne echelons, and the second-meter flight over the Tiananmen Square, Zhang Hefei was in tears. Many of the aircraft that reference the aircraft are equipped with models of blades produced by the new art factory, condensing the wisdom and sweat of the new artists.

From 2002 to 2009, Zhang Hefei won the first prize of the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress, the second prize, the second prize and the third prize; the first class of the first class, the second class, the third class, the third Wait for 1 time. As the fifth batch of provincial management experts in Guizhou Province, he has also won the honorary title of “May 1st Labor Medal” in Guizhou Province, “Advanced Individual of Science and Technology Management in the Ministry of Defense Science and Technology Industry of Guizhou Province” and “Excellent Manager of Technical Innovation Work”. .

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