Development trend of auto parts manufacturing systems in the era of diversification (5)

Figure 1

Multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing system

The multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing system is the oldest manufacturing system in the mechanical manufacturing industry. To this day, most engine trial shops still use a universal machining center to prototype complex housings with very low efficiency. Today, in the development of new automotive engine products to "lean research and development", the automation, flexibility and high efficiency requirements for multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing systems are getting higher and higher. In recent years, the world's top machine tool manufacturers have developed a new "smart, high-efficiency multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing system", which is the basic feature of the multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing system required for the development of sophisticated automotive complex and complex key components. High efficiency.

The aforementioned Fractal Manuf. System is an outstanding representative of the development of automatic, flexible and efficient multi-variety single-piece small batch manufacturing systems. Its essence is "single kit production", which can cope with the production of versatile modules for various parts processing. The parting manufacturing system is an intelligent and efficient manufacturing system that we have found so far that is suitable for lean development of engines. “Lean R&D” requirements are extended to the small batch production stage after the prototype phase of the “R&D” prototype is completed. It is therefore required that the two-stage equipment can be “smoothly transitioned” or “seamlessly connected”. The parting manufacturing system can complete small and medium batch production with several composite turning and milling centers in parallel.

In addition, Mazak's newly developed Palletech Manufacturing Cell is a manufacturing unit consisting of dozens of pallets. It automatically processes more than a dozen parts with different geometric shapes. It is intelligent, efficient and multi-variety. Another outstanding representative of the development of batch manufacturing systems. The “single kit production” can be implemented on complex parts of automobiles composed of up to a dozen parts, which is a powerful equipment for rapid development of complex parts of automobiles. They used a multi-tray manufacturing unit to complete the single-piece small batch manufacturing of a variety of complex precision parts for F1 racing.

The key technologies of the multi-tray manufacturing unit are as follows:

1. Intelligent technology

Built-in intelligent production center CPC (CYBER PRODUCTIONCENTER): Networking in the factory, realizing real-time management of the factory by sharing all the data such as machines, machining programs, fixtures and production schedules, helping users realize the factory Intelligent. There are four main modules:

(1) Programming software (CAMWARE) From the CAD data input of various workpieces to their machining program, it can be carried out quickly.

(2) Intelligent scheduling (CYBER SCHEDULER) Depending on the operating conditions of the machine, the processing schedule can be easily added and changed, and the workload of each machine can be averaged to improve the operating efficiency of the machine.

(3) Intelligent tool management (CYBERTOO LMANAGEMENT) Comprehensive and intelligent management of tool data, which greatly improves the efficiency of tool preparation.

(4) Intelligent monitoring (CYBER MONITOR) can not only check the running status and progress of the machine, but also know the operation status of each device in the factory from the office or outside through the network or telephone connection.

2. Machine Vision (MACHINE VISION) technology

Use the machine instead of the human eye to make measurements and judgments. The imaged signal is converted into an image signal by an image capturing device, transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, and converted into a digitized signal according to pixel distribution, brightness, color, and the like; the image system performs various operations on the signals to extract features of the target. And, according to the result of the discrimination, the device operation at the site is controlled. Machine vision systems are characterized by increased flexibility and automation. At the same time, in the large-scale industrial production process, the manual visual inspection of the product quality is low in efficiency and the precision is not high. The machine vision inspection method can greatly improve the production efficiency and the automation degree of production. Moreover, machine vision is easy to realize information integration, and is the basic technology to realize computer integrated manufacturing.

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