2014 machine tool industry annual report statistics and top 30 evaluation work arrangements

Abstract In order to better reflect the operation of the machine tool industry, providing analysis to business decision-making basis, China Machine Tool Industry Association now carry the machine tool industry in 2014 annual statistical work, at the same time, in order to demonstrate the strength and level of development of the industry, the user industries and overseas Promotion industry...
In order to better reflect the operation of the machine tool industry and provide analysis and decision-making basis for the enterprise, the China Machine Tool Industry Association is now carrying out the statistical work of the annual report of the machine tool industry in 2014. At the same time, in order to show the development level and strength of the industry, it is recommended to the user industry and overseas. The backbone enterprises of the industry, combined with the statistical work of the annual report, simultaneously launched the annual “30” strong evaluation work. The specific arrangements are as follows:

attachment1 : Annual Report of "Major Economic Indicators of Machine Tool Industry" Download

Attachment 2:
"Report on the production and sales of major products of machine tool industry enterprises"

Annex 3:
"Report on the Export of Major Products of Machine Tool Industry Enterprises" Annual Report Download

Annex 4:
Catalogue of Product Categories for Machine Tools Industry Statistics

Annex 5: Explanation of “China Machine Tool Industry Operation Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation Index”

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