Sharp Increases Hybrid PCS Output Power for PV+Batteries by 30%

Sharp Increases Hybrid PCS Output Power for PV+Batteries by 30%

Sharp announced on February 24, 2015 that it will begin selling new "cloud battery systems" in May. Compared to the original model, the new product increases the rated output power of a hybrid power conversion system (PCS) that controls both a photovoltaic power generation system and a battery by 30%, and expands the capacity of the battery by a factor of two. The new system is ideally suited for photovoltaic power generation systems installed on sloped roofs and composite roofs.

Cloud-battery systems are linked to "cloud servers" that manage information via the network, and they carefully manage energy usage based on the customer's power usage that varies with the diversification, season, and time of the tariff plan.

The hybrid PCS is the same size as the original model, but its rated output power is increased by 30% to 5.5 kW. The input circuit has also been increased from 2 to 3. In the past, when a "cloud battery system" was installed in a house with a steep slope on the roof, there was a case where a hybrid PCS could not cooperate with the photovoltaic system. The new model can use a PCS to deal with. In addition, for photovoltaic power generation systems where the input circuit is four or more, a separate string converter that is sold separately can be used in combination.

Lithium-ion battery capacity increased to 2 times the original model, 9.6kWh, not only to give users more peace of mind in the event of a power outage, but also very suitable for the usual power generation for the lifestyle of their own consumption. The battery system is divided into two units. Therefore, although it is a large-capacity system, it can be easily installed, shortening construction time and reducing construction costs.

System price is 3.56 million yen

In addition, by combining with the cloud HEMS, the battery can be automatically controlled based on weather warnings such as heavy rain, storms, and tides. For example, when a weather alert is issued in a residential area, the cloud server automatically maintains a fully charged state after detecting the alarm to prevent power outages. In the event of a power outage, it will automatically be powered by the battery, so you can rest assured that you use appliances.

When the voltage of the connected distribution line increases and the power supply to the power system is limited, that is, when the output is suppressed, the charging (maximum 2.0 kW) can be performed while the power is sold. In addition, a maximum of 2.0 kW can be charged while power is supplied to the home appliance during a power outage.

With changes in the FIT rules, power companies may also suppress remote output for residential photovoltaic power generation (currently not including Tokyo Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power). The new model also charges the battery when the output is suppressed. However, when actually performing remote output control, additional software must be installed.

Sharp predicts that in 2020, the size of the stationary battery market will rapidly expand from about 18,000 units in 2014 to more than 20 times, reaching approximately 380,000 units. The reason is that with the rise of electricity charges and the decrease in the purchase price of the fixed price purchase system, photovoltaic power generation will transition to its own consumption type in the future. This time, the system is aimed at this change in the future, and it can meet the rising demand for batteries in the future. For the suggested retail price, the system consisting of PCS, batteries, and displays is 3.56 million yen (excluding tax), and is scheduled to be listed on May 26, with a monthly production of 700 units. (Reporter: Hiroshi Kenji, Nikkei BP Cleantech Institute)

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