Hive smart home system automation security also comes with entertainment features

Thermostats, cameras, central control switches, if there are too many smart home peripherals placed in the home, the experience brought by people must be not smart.

Automation, security and entertainment, this is my three requirements for smart home, Kickstarter has a new hardware called Hive to achieve this.

Hive is a smart home system that allows you to “connect” with your house, monitor and protect everything in your home, no matter where you are.

Hive has a lot of functional details:

You can easily control your lights, door locks, electronics, appliances or other connected devices from anywhere;

Even if you are away from home, you can clearly understand everything that happens in your home;

Wireless audio smart home solutions can make your home full of music;

In addition to playing music, the Hive Sound Smart Home Speaker System will notify you of your concerns and will provide you with online help when you need it.

The app can control every Hive Sound in your entire home, and can be controlled individually or in pairs.

The appearance of the Hive is somewhat similar to the TV box. The white Hive Hub is equipped with 1GB RAM and 4GB flash dual-core 1GHz processor, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, wireless transceiver, security sensor and battery backup. It is more like a center, receiving sensing information and issuing commands.

The black Hive Sound is more suitable for sticking to the wall. In addition to the audio and noise reduction modules, it also has a built-in battery. The difference is that Hive is the first complete smart home product with audio.

Two Times Baked Galv.

Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings with BS threads, Plain

Items including :Elbow, Tee, Socket, Nipple, Plug, Union, Bushing, Cap, ect

Compare to electric galvanizing
A. Two times baked galv. Inside and outside, both is with zinc coating (better)
Electric galv. Outside is with zinc coating, inside without zinc coating
B. Compare to one bake galv.
Two times baked galv. Surface is beautiful, without little dark, zinc coating more strong
One time baked galv. Surface is with little dark, zinc coating is thin, easy drip off
C. Compare to hot dipped galv.
A. Two times baked galv. Like hot dipped galv. But price is cheaper USD400/ton around
B. Hot Dipped Galv.

Acceptable terms of payment: 10% deposit by TT. Full balance will be paid by LC at sight

Two time baked galv.(inside outerside) Electric Galvanizing(outside only)
Two time baked galv.(shinning,coating strong) one time baked(dark point, easy drop)
Two time baked galv.(zinc coat 200g/um Cheap) Hot galv.(zinc coad 400g high price)
Package: 1100 Cartons /"20FCL, 1300 Bags/20"FCL

Malleable Pipe Fitting Plain

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