The apple one machine computer Apple machine computer price

One machine computer as its name suggests is that the monitor is integrated with the host computer, and now some people at home like to use one machine computer, Apple Computer is favored by many consumers, that Apple machine computer is okay? Apple machine computer prices to how much What?

Apple machine computer please?

Enthusiastic net friend A answers:

This question depends on how you say it. You have to say Apple Computer. Its brand awareness is quite high. The players who use computers know that the computer is not good or bad. The most important thing is to look at the configuration of the computer, and overall, To answer your second question, first the technology of the all-in-one computer is not perfect. If you think about how the host and the monitor fuse together, how much heat should they dissipate? If the computer does not have good heat dissipation, the problem will be many. On the electronic products themselves generate static electricity, adsorption dust, one computer cleaning is quite a troublesome thing, and ordinary desktop computers open the host, you can clean up, but the first power, I suggest you want to buy an Apple computer, the best choice Their desktop computers.

Enthusiastic user B answered:

First of all, look at your use! Apple's best machine is his good screen visual effects and system. Used to make the MAP absolutely violent, but the price is slightly more expensive. It's definitely worth it because the price transparency of Apple machines is the most OK. But the same if you want to play games, QQ video is strenuous, including online banking does not support. Switching dual systems is often very slow, even if you play to the landlords, the machine will be 45+ for a long time. Domestic games are estimated to be long enough, such as Dragon Valley, and the Eternal Tower will play 60+ or ​​higher for 2 hours. If it is only PS and drawing, strongly recommend Apple, if you want to run the game to be honest to buy a laptop or Taiwanese forget.

Enthusiastic user C answered:

The use of Apple machine computer to browse the web, QQ chat, drawing using AUTOCAD and Photoshop graphics software is completely no problem, the problem is whether Apple's operating system is used habits, many software in the Apple system does not crack version, you need to buy genuine, otherwise You need to install the system as a Windows system. If you use a Windows system, you don't need to buy an Apple machine.

Apple machine computer prices:

Apple iMac (MD096CH / A) Price: ¥ 14788

Apple iMac (ME086CH/A) Reference price:Â¥9688

Apple iMac (ME089CH / A) Price: ¥ 14988

Apple iMac (MD093CH / A) Price: ¥ 9999

Apple iMac (ME088CH/A) Price: ¥ 13498

Apple iMac (ME087CH / A) Price: ¥ 10988

Apple's new iMac (MF883CH/A) Price: ¥ 7988

The relevant information about the Apple-one computer was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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