The new sensor is battery powered and supports WiFi

Researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK have succeeded in getting the Microsoft Kinect depth sensor out of the wire. It has improved the portability of Kinect by developing a battery-powered, stand-alone unit that uses Wi-Fi communication.
As part of this Patina project, the device includes a Linux single-board computer Gumstix to connect to the Kinect sensor and produce calculations that can be output to mobile devices. The output can be displayed on the Samsung GalaxyNexus.
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According to a description of the product's blog post, its stand-alone unit is currently only compatible with Microsoft's Kinect sensor, and most of the processing is handled by a homemade board. Moreover, these researchers have already published the circuit design of CadSoftEagle and Gerber format on the Internet, so interested hackers can print their own boards and use other necessary components to create similar devices.

The improved Kinect actually uses only the original camera part of Microsoft. Most of the data processing is done through the added circuit board. Researchers have published the entire board design on the network, which may be a good inspiration for many curious technical tycoons.
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