China Mining Group achieved breakthrough in deep mining disaster prevention research

The “Report on Risk Analysis and Control Technology of Deep Mining Power Disasters in China Mining Group” recently passed an expert appraisal organized by the State Administration of Work Safety in Beijing. The expert group believes that the project's rock burst hazard analysis and regional prediction methods based on multi-dimensional information coupling analysis are at the international advanced level, and it is a major technological breakthrough in the field of geological disaster prevention and control of deep mining of gold mines.
The mining depth of the gold mines owned by China National Mining Group is generally more than 1,000 meters. During the development and recovery process, rock bursts caused by the sudden release of geostress in the rock seriously endanger the safety of people and facilities. To this end, China National Mining Group, in collaboration with related research institutes, jointly undertook the national “863 Program”—the technology and equipment research and development of the deep-well pressure and high-temperature disaster monitoring technology for kilometer deep wells. Among them, “the risk analysis of deep mining power disasters in China National Mining Corporation "Control technology research" is one of the important components of this project. The research group took a deep stope of China National Mining Group as a research and development base, and after extensive field trials, it developed a comprehensive multidimensional information analysis system for the deep mining of rock burst hazards with independent intellectual property rights, which effectively improved the prevention of rock bursts in gold mines. The comprehensive ability to achieve a deep safe and efficient mining.
It is understood that many mines in China have entered or are about to enter deep mining, and dynamic disasters such as rock bursts, rock bursts, and mine shocks have become an important factor affecting production safety. The new technologies and new methods developed by the project provide technical support for the comprehensive prevention of such disasters and have a wide range of popularization and application prospects.
(Zhao Zhongsong)

All-Weather Rain Night Reflective Glass Beads,is a new concept of retroreflective materials. rain night glass beads  can greatly inrove the security level of road markings , overcome the defects of traditional markings. its reflectivity is excellent no matter during the day or in rainy nights, which helps to make sure vehicles in line to ensure driver's safety.  all weather reflective glass beads is the updated version of ordinary glass beads, it's ideal beads for highways, mountains high ways, uban roads, taxiways, runways and airfields.  it's suitable for thermolastic hot-molt coating , water borne paint etc. 

All Weather High Reflective Glass Bead/Rainy night glass beads:(Special Glass Beads For Raining Night Road Marking)Normal grade glass beads like 1.5 index works well and it has good reflective result in the nigh time without raining. But in Wet Raining Night, it will be dark.


(1) Hot-Melt Coating

(2) Double Component Coating

(3) Water Borne Paint

Characteristics :

(1) High Reflective Index in Wet Raining Night

(2) High Retro-reflective more than 350mcd while Durability Of Retro-reflective is more than 150mcd after 1 year

(3) Appearance: All Colors Available: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, White

(4) Retro-Reflective index is 350 in dry condition and more than 250mcd in wet raining night.

(5) Gravity: 2.4-2.5g/cm3

(6) Road Marking Line Consumption per Square Meter: 180grams (half of 1.5 index glass beads)

(7) Chemical Composition: TiO2 BaO SiO2 ZrO2 

rain night reflective glass beads

All-weather Rain Night Reflective Glass Beads

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