Feiyun security door price "security door is not anti-theft" problem out of the lock core

With the development of the times, the era of late-night households has long since moved away from us. The kind of night-time scenes for the modern people can only be considered. With the rapid development of society, people’s safety awareness is becoming stronger and stronger. They walked into a residential building and saw only one security door except the stairs. Modern people have a subconscious sense of anti-thief psychology, perhaps anti-theft door can give us a certain degree of security, Feiyun anti-theft door is one of China's many anti-theft door brand, and perhaps you will question: how to fly security door? How is the security door price ? This is one of the topics that consumers are very concerned about. Don't worry, here's how I will tell you how to fly the security door and how to buy the security door .

Feiyun Security Door Introduction

Feiyun Security Door is a product of Harbin Feiyun Industry Co., Ltd. Harbin Feiyun Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise and a top 50 enterprise in Harbin City and Heilongjiang Province. Its profits and taxes rank among the top in the province and city. The sales center of Harbin Feiyun Industrial Co., Ltd. stands on No.100 Changjiang Road. The company's production base is located in the famous “hometown of power” in China. The factory occupies an area of ​​40,000 square meters, the plant is 30,000 square meters, and has total assets of 200 million yuan. The company has 7 branch factories and 13 functional departments, 1700 outstanding employees and a professional technical team with strong scientific and technological development capabilities. The company has 26 sales branches and more than 100 sales outlets throughout the country, which realizes the networked sales system.

How to fly the security door

Anti-theft door is an important protector of modern family property security. Be careful when purchasing. Otherwise, once a problem arises, it will cause major safety hazards to the family's life and property, resulting in disastrous consequences. Feiyun anti-theft door can be regarded as China's well-known anti-theft door brand, although the reputation of Feiyun anti-theft door is not Panpan this national famous anti-theft door brand compared, but for anti-theft door, the most important is the quality and anti-theft security performance Relatively speaking, the brand is less important.

Feiyun anti-theft door is now the brand name of the domestic security door industry. It ranks among the top ten brands in China's anti-theft doors. The most important is the reliable quality of the anti-theft door, which is almost confirmed by all users of the anti-theft door. And anti-theft security performance is good, and affordable, some netizens even evaluation Feiyun security door is the strength and the spring door industry, Panpan anti-theft doors and other brands brand name anti-theft door brand.

Feiyun security door quality

The quality of the anti-theft door is more focused on the handling of locks and steel plates, and the locks are ultra-high-density Class B locks. There is internal insurance, quick lock, quick opening function. There are also security doors used for a long time to be rusted. The steel plates of the Feiyun anti-theft door are all treated with phosphating, so it is not rusted. It is generally said that the steel plate treatment effect of the car is used. In this way, the steel plate is more resistant to oxidation. Then, it is the prevention of squats. This is the key. The last is the adjustable hinge, the first is to prevent the door from sagging, and the second is to adjust the door after sagging.

The most important feature of the Feiyun anti-theft door is its strong security, solid durability, open sensitivity, and beautiful appearance. Feiyun anti-theft door is suitable for civil buildings and residences, high-rise buildings and confidential rooms, financial departments, etc., and the locks used on the anti-theft doors must be passed through the detection center of the Ministry of Public Security. Security door locks.


Feiyun Security Door Price

Due to the relatively large number of specifications and models, the security doors of Feiyun are also rich in color and appearance. Therefore, there will be correspondingly different prices. With the configuration of the lock cylinder, the lock cylinder is better and the price is higher.

For models with luxury doors A security doors, the price is about 1700, model luxury B security door prices around 1750. With the influence and popularity of the current Feiyun anti-theft door brand, the price of the anti-theft door is very affordable.

Feiyun Security Door Price List

Model price (yuan) Model price (yuan)

Feiyun Security Door KD-3 1280.00

Feiyun Class C FYD26 2680.00

Feiyun luxury door E-4 Class A door 2880.00

Feiyun security door luxury door A 6980.00

Feiyun Class A luxury door E-3 2880.00

Feiyun H3-9-2 steel large side 1400.00

Feiyun Kd-1 steel anti-theft security door Price: ¥ 1000.00

Feiyun security door bread 7 cm D-class white Price: ¥ 1280.00

Feiyun H3-9-2 steel large anti-theft security door Price:Â¥ 1400.00

Feiyun Luxury Series E-7 Class A Anti-theft Security Door Price:Â¥2880.00å…ƒ

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!


Feiyun Security Door Installation

1. According to the type of anti-theft door used, the device of the anti-theft door of the cloud shall adopt the method of complying with the device.

2. The door frame of Feiyun anti-theft door can be fixed with shrink bolts and walls. It can also embed iron pieces at the entrance of holes when masonry walls are built. When the device is installed, it is firmly welded to the door frame fasteners.

3. Regardless of the joining mode of the door frame and the wall, each side should not be less than 3 anchorage points, and should be solidly connected.

4. When installing the anti-theft door, it should be straightened and lifted. After the size is appropriate, temporarily fix it and stop the adjustment and adjustment. The front can be stopped and connected with the anchor.

5. Push and pull the door device to push and pull sensitively; open the flat door to open the lunch box and close tightly.

6, anti-theft installation should be installed between the door frame and the door leaf or other parts.

7. The accessories such as handles, door locks, and inspection holes on the doors of the anti-theft door must be complete; multi-purpose password protection locks, electronic alarm password systems, doorbell paging, etc. installed on the anti-theft doors must be effectively improved.

Feiyun anti-theft door for lock core

Feiyun brand steel anti-theft door is detected by the Ministry of Public Security up to the “National Standard” Class A standard, and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the “standard”, cleverly designed, complete specifications, sophisticated technology, solid security, applicable to offices, archives, warehouses and civilian use Housing, etc., products sell well all over the country and are exported to Russia and other countries.

Feiyun anti-theft door products have excellent technical performance. Doors inside and outside the doors are equipped with locks, and the keys can be used to open the doors indoors and outdoors. With only one key, the lock tongues can be controlled to open and close simultaneously at each lock point. The configuration of the anti-theft door lock core of Feiyun is better. It uses multi-locked pin locks and has a password protection lock device. The open rate is very low, and anti-theft, anti-smashing, anti-blocking and anti-drilling anti-theft insurance functions are provided. Feiyun security doors rely on excellent product quality and good after-sales service, has been recognized and praised by consumers. Harbin Feiyun anti-theft door for the lock cylinder 24 hours service.

Editor's summary: The above is the price of security doors, "security door is not anti-theft" problem for the relevant introduction of the cylinder, from the price information of these security doors can be seen, the overall price of security doors is not high, In the same type, the same level of security doors, Feiyun security door prices are very affordable. Everyone may consider it when purchasing! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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