What are the main reasons for the use of herbicides in corn fields?

With the advent of corn emergence, how to use corn herbicides and what should be noted are serious issues. You should be cautious and use corn herbicides as scientifically as possible. Here are some points to note about corn herbicides: herbicides are found everywhere in the market, but different herbicides target different crops.
Glyphosate (Nongda): Corn is sensitive to glyphosate. If it is misapplied or the liquid falls on the corn plant, it will cause phytotoxicity. Avoid misapplication and liquid medicine falling into the corn field. Due to the slow development of phytotoxicity, it takes tens of days to observe dead seedlings. Therefore, the occurrence of phytotoxicity should be taken as soon as possible according to the possible drug situation. If the application rate per hectare exceeds 600 grams, the destruction should be considered.
Quinoxaline (fine grass grass): corn is sensitive to quizalofop, misapplication or application in adjacent plots, mist droplets drifting onto corn plants will produce phytotoxicity. Cannot be used in corn fields. Applying quizalofop- ing to adjacent plots should leave a separation zone of sufficient distance to pay attention to wind direction and wind when applying the medicine to prevent the liquid from drifting to the corn field. Once the application is serious, it should be replanted in time.
Chlorsulfuron-methyl (beansulfuron): The application of chlorsulfuron-methyl or the topical drug in the former crop is too high, and the chlorsulfuron-methyl residue remaining in the soil can cause phytotoxicity in the later waxy corn. Chlorsulfuron-methyl is not suitable for use in corn fields, especially in the pre-emergence application. Excessive application of chlorsulfuron-methyl in the foreland soybean field, or uneven application of the drug, is not suitable for planting corn.
Nicosulfuron (Yu Nong Le): Maize is resistant to nicosulfuron. Normal application does not generally cause phytotoxicity. Only when the dosage is too large, or when the local dose is too large, the symptoms of phytotoxicity will occur. The application of organophosphate insecticides and the application of nicosulfuron may cause phytotoxicity. Avoid excessive application to ensure uniform application. It is generally unnecessary to take measures to produce phytotoxicity. Coating corn seed with naphthalic anhydride can reduce the phytotoxicity caused by the action of nicosulfuron and organophosphate insecticides.
Orthene (taken and catch): Corn is sensitive to enephidine, misapplication or application of enephidine to adjacent plots, and droplets falling on corn plants can cause phytotoxicity. Alkene can not be used in corn fields. Appropriate isolation zone should be set up for the application of methotrex in adjacent plots. Pay attention to wind direction and wind force when applying the pesticide to prevent the liquid from drifting to the corn field. Once the tying damage is serious, it should be replanted or destroyed in time.
Disclaimer: The above pesticide information is extracted from the Internet and has nothing to do with the China Pesticide Network . If there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.

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