Why does the grinding tool have cracks? Why does the grinding tool cause cracks?

Grinding tools produce cracks and become waste products. According to the analysis of the technical data of many parties, any material damage must have two preconditions: one is the existence of cracks inside the material; the other is that the crack can be expanded in the material until fracture.

There are two reasons for crack generation: mechanical shock and thermal shock. Examples of mechanical shocks include: flipping and hitting during the forming process, impact during handling, excessive pressure during processing, and excessive knife feed. The thermal shock is exemplified by the fact that the firing temperature is too fast, the firing cooling rate is too fast, and the drying rate is too fast.

All defects in the material, including microcracks, small pores and areas where impurities are concentrated, and loose areas of the structure can be the source and cause of the crack. This is called the crack source. Any crack is generated by the material under the action of an external force. The source of the crack is often small and cannot be detected by the naked eye, but under the microscope, it can be seen that there are many small cracks - fine cracks, as well as pores and impurities, which are the origin of the crack.

The source of the crack is that the abrasive tool is brought in during the production process. No material can be completely flawless, but the number and degree are different. Although we have made various efforts in process control, the internal defects are still better than There are many more metal materials. But this is not to say that cracks will occur when the product is defective. What is important is that the product cannot be plastically deformed like metal under the action of external force. It is easy to concentrate the stress on a certain part, so that the defect-crack source in this sector is quickly transformed into a crack.

Once the internal crack is formed and reaches a certain critical dimension, it is very easy to expand. The internal stress immediately concentrates on the tip of the crack and spreads to both sides of the tip. It cannot absorb the external force by changing its shape as a metal. The energy brought up can only absorb the energy of this sector in the form of a natural new surface. The expansion of the crack means the formation of two new surfaces. In this way, the crack spreads rapidly, and the new surface rapidly increases until the crack is formed or broken, and the applied energy is completely converted into the energy produced by the new surface. This is the process of crack formation.

The innateness and expansion of cracks occur in a very short period of time, even in a flash. It can be said that it is collapsed. Abrasives can not withstand the strong vibration shock, the nature of the collision is called brittleness, and the measurement of brittleness can be expressed by the energy required to form a new surface of a unit. This is called the work of fracture. The greater the work of fracture, the greater the toughness of the ceramic grinding wheel. The fracture work of the ceramic grinding wheel is very small, only one thousandth of the copper, that is to say, the brittleness of the abrasive tool is large, and it cannot withstand the blow, so whether it is a semi-finished product or a finished product, Handle gently to avoid cracks and scraps caused by collisions.

The brittleness of the grinding wheel is not only manifested in the failure to withstand the impact, that is, the resistance to mechanical shock is poor, but also in its poor thermal shock resistance, also known as the anti-heat vibration machine. The anti-mechanical impact function has the same features as the thermal shock resistance, and there are also different places. They are identical in the performance of the damage, causing cracks inside the product and prompting the crack to expand rapidly, eventually leading to complete cracking.

Mechanical shock is caused by external force, while thermal shock is caused by thermal stress inside the product. It is resistant to thermal shock. In addition to the mechanical relationship, it also has a great relationship with the thermal conductivity of the product itself and the thermal expansion machine. In the process of heating, the difference in temperature between the surface and the inside of the product, that is, the temperature difference, causes different rates of expansion and contraction of various parts of the product, thereby generating thermal stress. If the ability to conduct heat is high, the temperature difference caused in each part of the product can be reduced, the expansion and contraction rate of each part is small, and the influence of the generated thermal stress is also slowed down.

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Label: Why does the grinding tool cause cracks? Why does the grinding tool cause cracks?

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