Aluminum buckling plate - how to choose aluminum gusset plate?

Aluminum buckle specifications:

The 600mm×600mm micro-hole square plate, F297H30 strip plate and M185H20 aluminum buckle plate are widely used in the market

The type of aluminum buckle:

Aluminum buckle plate is divided into two kinds of surface punching and plane. The surface punching can breathe sound and sound, and the interior of the buckle plate is covered with a layer of film cushion, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching hole, so it is most suitable for the kitchen with more moisture.

How to distinguish the quality of aluminum buckle:

The quality of aluminum buckles is not entirely thin and thick, but the key lies in the texture of aluminum. Home use aluminum buckle, 0.6 mm is enough. To identify the aluminum pinch, in addition to paying attention to the surface finish, we must also observe whether the board is thin and even, and if we feel it by hand, we can see if the elasticity and toughness are good.

Aluminum buckle ceiling method:

The aluminum buckle plate ceiling has two installation methods: light steel keel and wooden side keel. Wood will be deformed under the influence of temperature and humidity, so that a long time, some wood between the large deformation, and some small, the final result is uneven deformation of the ceiling, on the contrary, the use of light steel keel method Installation, because all the materials above the ceiling are metal, minimizing the deformation, so the installation of light steel keel is the most desirable.

Ceiling costs:

The cost of the ceiling is composed of three parts: the first is the money of the aluminum gusset; the second is the material cost of the corner, the general dealer will help you calculate how many corners you need based on the situation of your home; the third part is the labor money It should include all dressings.

Expert Tips:

In the city of building materials, many salesmen would say that their aluminum gussets are 0.8 millimeters, and some friends said that someone introduced him to 0.88 millimeters; this kind of board is usually not up to standard, so it can only be taken in thickness. Normal 0.6 mm is enough

Plate purchase home decoration kitchen ceiling

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