Be careful of floor accessories as indoor environmental health killer

Uncertainty of the quotation method The quotation method that is commonly used now is the quotation of Yanmi, which is the non-standard quotation method in the early stage of development of the cabinet industry. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of material specifications used in the production of cabinets, and different combinations make the cost of the products very different. In order to accurately calculate, a standardized quotation must be used to avoid the uncertainty of quotation.

Some so-called imported furniture is actually domestically produced goods. Some "foreign brand" furniture is a "license" for domestic companies after they register overseas, and a large number of "imported furniture" was born.
Unreliable regular "discount" promotions "discount" is a common promotion method for a business, and it is relative to the normal sales price. Some manufacturers have always used the discount as a sales method, and they lost the significance of the discount.
Promising companies that have been flying for less than five years have proposed five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Excessive commitments are not promised.
The transparency of the material is not high, and some unscrupulous manufacturers use fake melamine plates as the refractory board to impersonate the paint and use imported imitation to make imports. When the goods are delivered, they must be verified to be consistent with the sample and the propaganda.
Blindly promote imported products At present, China's outstanding cabinet companies to introduce foreign equipment and designers, and Europe and the United States with the same equipment, the same process, the same accessories, the product has almost the same with the international quality.

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