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Traditional Chinese like white walls, so latex paint has always been a favorite of Chinese people. However, when European wallpapers went into the decoration of ordinary Chinese families, paints that had long occupied almost all of the country’s families were out of favor, so it was very depressing. Recently, in order to prove their strength, there has been a fierce debate between paint and wallpaper.
Coatings: Price I'm the most affordable durability I'm a winner Earth people know that paint is the most affordable way of wall treatment. Paints believe that the low price is their most proud pride. A confrontation is somewhat aggressive. Coatings believes that the price of a roll of mid-range wallpaper is about 100.12 million yuan. The use of mid-range latex paint (including accessories and labor costs) for 100 square meters of houses will not exceed 5,000 yuan.
Wallpaper does not agree with the price argument for paint: The market is not just about price heroes, but we are expensive, but as long as the owner thinks that value for money, we can get the owner's pet.
Then, the paint sputtered against the wallpaper again: you are still very squeamish, too wet, and it is easy to be broken. If you break it, it is not good to fix it. In a few years you have to change it. Which is like our latex paint, cheap, dirty, can be scrubbed, broken can be repaired, the wall life can be much longer than you.
You are talking about the old royal calendar. Our current technology is much better than before. Many wallpapers are not real papers, but we have added some raw materials that are resistant to abrasion and moisture, so now our wallpaper has a much longer service life than before. The wallpaper did not forget to fight back in time when it was justified. Although you are more durable than us, you are not easy to construct. You must scrape the wall covering every time you repaint it, and we can just replace it with a new one.
Wallpaper: Effect I have a number of patterns. Most of my wallpapers have to admit that I have no advantage in price, so he does not have a direct confrontation with the paint. Instead, he puts forward his own advantages: we have been so popular in Europe for so many years, and as soon as we enter China is accepted by fashionistas. That's because our designs are colorful and we mean fashion and gorgeous. The warm atmosphere we have created is not comparable to the cold texture of your paints. The wallpaper further explains its own advantages: we are not only the clothes of the wall, but also the participants and determinators of the entire home style. Whether it is fashion or elegance, pastoral, as long as we have, almost all popular living room styles can be easily created.
It may have been like this before, but now we paint can also create a variety of styles of the wall. The paint cited some of the brand's extraordinary paint and said that some extraordinary brushing methods can paint a variety of textured walls. With wall paint you can brush out the hard texture and pattern of marble, brush out the texture of soft leather or even the texture of the cloth, you can also freely create the effect you want.
You know this kind of paint I know, but you can only brush out small or irregular patterns. Can you brush out big patterns? Unless your master is a painter, you can paint directly on the wall. Wallpaper continues his topic, we are different, we have a lot of patterns, from gorgeous flowers to cartoon animals to ink landscape, whether it is bold or elegant, as long as your favorite style, we almost all.
Paints and wallpapers: Who is more environmentally friendly? I don't know if you are good or bad. Everyone commented that coatings are better than wallpapers in environmental protection. He said to the wallpaper: When you are constructing, you must first apply varnish, and also apply a layer of plastic. Therefore, formaldehyde stays in the house for a long time.
The wallpaper can't think of the paint actually facing him on the issue of environmental protection. Of course, he didn't want to show weakness. He immediately retorted: In the past few years, when it comes to formaldehyde release, they say that you paint. Our pollution source is actually glue from wallpaper. And we are environmentally friendly.
You just play concept, don't think you can be enshrined. I don't know yet. Your beautiful designs are printed. Formaldehyde is needed during the printing process. And because some unqualified coatings exceeded the standard for hazardous substances in previous years, the country is now very strict with our inspections. Now, there is nothing wrong with the paint on the market as long as it is slightly more famous. And after technical improvements, many latex paints have almost zero detection of formaldehyde. The paint said with satisfaction.
Not environmentally friendly is low-grade wallpaper. Now many high-grade wallpapers have specially matched glue, and the release of harmful gases is within the normal range. The wallpaper thinks that the paint has lost itself, and of course it has to argue. In this session of the debate, no one has persuaded anyone to paint or wallpaper.
The wallpaper makes the interior wall a landscape, which is more colorful. The paint, of course, is not to be outdone. In addition to continuing to occupy the wall decoration of the traditional family, it is also trying to increase the richness and expressiveness of the fashion youth by drawing on it. The competition of wallpaper and paint makes the walls of the people more worth seeing.
Whether wallpaper or paint is better or worse, their arguments have no result. However, according to a survey, in the traditional concept of consumption, wall lacquer is still the first choice for home decoration, while wallpaper is more into young and fashionable families; from the perspective of market share, paint still occupies most of the price. country. Which of the wallpapers and paints are better? Or look at the needs of interior decoration and consumer preferences.

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