Decoration materials must see data 12 kinds of methods to identify the quality of tiles

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of tiles:

1. The glaze should be smooth and delicate;

2. Put a few pieces of ceramic tiles together and look closely in the light. The color difference of a good product is very small, and the hue of the products is basically the same; while the poor product has a large color difference, and the shades of the products are different;

3. The color and color of tiles are clear and natural, indicating that the degree of porcelain is high, the color is not clear, and the degree of porcelain is low;

4. The color patterns should be exquisite and realistic, with no obvious defects such as lack of color, disconnection, misplacement, etc.;

5. Drop a few drops of tea juice or water on the back of the ceramic tile. After a few minutes, depending on the degree of inhalation and diffusion of the water droplets, no water absorption or low water absorption yield good quality.

6. Tap the tiles to hear the sound is crisp, the sound is more brittle, the degree of porcelain, the higher the density, good hardness;

7. Scratches with sharp objects to scratch the tiles. If scratches indicate poor enamel slipping, the glazed surface will not clean the brick surface.

Living room brick

8. When buying, within one meter to the naked eye to see whether the surface of the pinhole, if any, that the glaze is not fully integrated, easy to produce dirt accumulation;

9. Observe the degree of warping: to see whether the side of the tile is straight when viewed with the naked eye, if the warping situation is serious, it will affect the firmness of the tile laying in the future;

10. Specifications can be measured with a caliper. The deviation of good product specifications is small. After laying, the products are uniform, bricks are straight, and the decoration effect is good. Poor product specification deviations, and product sizes vary;

11. The tone of exterior wall tiles should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Generally, high-rise buildings should not use white or light-colored exterior wall decoration tiles to avoid the lack of texture of the building; in the interior decoration, floor tiles and interior wall tiles The shades of the colors must be matched with each other. All the facilities in the bathroom shall be mainly sanitary ware, and the quality and grade of the wall tiles and floor tiles and various accessories including hardware and other supporting materials shall be coordinated with them.

12. According to the use of the environment to choose a specific tile, such as kitchen and bathroom is the best choice for non-slip and easy to clean all bricks.

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